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 Just a few photos that incorporate magnifying glasses into the decor. I saw a slew of them today at HomeGoods $10-15 and some neat ones at World Market. Isn’t it funny how once you get something you start seeing them everywhere?



The Glitter Guide

Sacramento Street

magnifying glass


 halloween-crafts-magnifying-glasses-1012-xlnCountry Living

Maison Martin Margiela

 horn magnifying glassHouse Beautiful

world market magnifying glassWorld Market

 magnifying paper weights

Martha Stewart

antique magnifying glass


magnifying glass

Capriciously Inspired

Vanity Fair

Paris Hotel Boutique


Daniel Laurence

anthropologie magnifying lamp



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  1. Love these! A couple months ago I got the cutest little vintage frog magnifying glass from Etsy, and he makes me smile every time I see him.

  2. I haven’t commented here before, but I just wanted to say thank you. My friends all think it’s funny that this is one of my favorite blogs because I am so NOT a woman who “decorates.” My house just sort of happens. But what I love is the fact that you share the wide open possibilities of domestic space, but what my heart reads are the wide open possibilities of a life. Your tag line, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” has spoken to some very deep broken places in my heart over the last year or so and has ministered to me greatly. At 44 years old I am just now realizing my life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful and it’s actually the imperfect parts that make others feel welcome in my life. THANK YOU Nester! (P.S. One side effect actually has been that I have become more intentional about our home…I have a long way to go, but after 22 years of marriage and three kids, it’s finally on my radar!)

  3. my parents have a few magnifying glasses around there house, but my dad actually uses them to see details in his car magazines.

  4. HA! yes, it’s like shopping for a new car…suddenly you see that model everywhere! My mom keeps a magnifying glass on her coffee table for decor purposes. Comes in handy quite often. Especially when the kids need a weapon! :) love your blog!

  5. I love the Martha Stewart picture, so fun!


    Kristina does the Internets

  6. What’s not funny is that I really need one of those when I read now…

  7. i love the coffee table and everything on it in the picture from house beautiful. i would totally copy that if my 4 and 8 year old wouldn’t rearrange everything and add to it every day. my coffee table is a blank slate right now just waiting for folded piles of laundry, block creations and Legos. maybe someday.

  8. I haven’t noticed them in regular stores (I’m not great on shopping LOL), but I have had a couple of vintage ones for years and have them out in our home. Have always loved them.


  9. I’m getting to the point I need a few of these in every room! Might as well have them cute.

  10. Am I the only one who doesn’t get the magnifying glass obsession? Your pictures are really cute but I still just don’t get it. Why magnifying glasses? My husband’s grandmother gave us a really nice one for Christmas and I have yet to do anything with it. Is this something that can be explained or is it just a taste issue? Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea. lol
    As always LOVE the article though!

    • I think they are only cute if they are actually used, but with all the rocks and bugs and stuff (warts) my boys bring in, plus, reading/looking at books, it’s kind of handy to have around

  11. Oh, such lovely breakable things on those coffee tables! My 10 month old broke something everyday last week. Rocks?! Did you know rocks can break? They can. :) Good news is he is one of my favorite living room accessories. Bad news, he doesn’t go with much else. Well, safely.

    • Kristy, I am totally there! I have a 14 month old so every table in our living room is bare. I put everything up when he broke one of my glass votives. I guess empty tables will have to be my new decorating style!

  12. I am defiantly going to look for some now, I agree that once you start seeing something you see it everywhere. Thanks for the great inspiration! Head out now…..

  13. I have that same one via country living via anthro! I stumbled across it a year ago shopping and scooped it up immediately. My parents had one, growing up and I was always in their living room playing with it. There’s something about the glass. And my kids can’t keep their hands off my new one either. ;} I kind of let them play with it because I remember playing with my parents’ …. LOVE. Good call!

  14. HaHa! I had to laugh! I don’t have any magnifying glasses hanging around….only about a dozen pairs of drugstore readers! When are those going to become fashionable?

  15. Your pictures are beautiful, I loved the one of a broken-at-the-nose eyeglasses. (I worked for optometrists for years and have worn glasses longer than you’ve been alive, so that tickled me) Knowing these weren’t shots from your everyday living makes me feel better, too. Like all who have kid, we child-proofed our house. But with our autistic son (nickname bulldozer and 27 y.o.) and our trio of standard poodles, our house has never been not childproofed. Wonder if that’s why I got interested in blogs? I know it’s part of why I thrift!! You asked the other day what thrifts anyone had found recently. We hit the jackpot recently! Once I get a shot of one more item, get them into the computer, they’ll be up. Thanks for sharing real life.

  16. joy is in the details.
    i love how a magnifying glass…. well…. magnifies that.

  17. These are great! Especially the House Beautiful one. Although as I look, I get all kinds of mental images of my children using the magnifying glass for purposes other than magnification. Perhaps it’s better for me to wait on this decor option. :)

  18. I LOVE all of this inspiration. I have had magnifying glasses on the brain since seeing your recent post about the one you found! I posted about my thrifting adventure yesterday – I found some great stuff but sadly did not find any magnifying glasses but still on the hunt! Love this!

  19. Oh interesting. I’ve never thought of using a magnifying glass as an ornament, but it looks awesome, a little bit ‘curiosity shop’ or old-worldy museum. I think it would be really fun to create a tiny display with a huge magnifying glass to inspect it – guests would definitely enjoy it!

  20. I love magnifying glasses in decor – it’s a bit Victorian and so fun!

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