Weekend Links

Organize with purpose:

Martha is so smart with her wire rack turned on its side and attached to the cabinet.

Decorate with purpose:

DIY blogger house @House of Smiths

Struggling with decorating and giving and how to do both

Simplify with purpose:

How to Simplify When You Love Your Stuff @ Zen Habits

Common Roadblocks to Decluttering (an oldie but goodie) from @ Simple Mom

 Create with purpose:

Premade or Made to order?  The Handmade Seller’s How to Decide Production Guide. @ Gussy Sews

Read with purpose:

 Wrecked , The $100 Startup, and of course, the new IKEA catalog


Attend with purpose:

I’m speaking about creating a beautiful and meaningful home this fall at the Becoming conference, here is a list of fantastic speakers on all sorts of home based subjects and for about $80 you can share a room and have a night away and come home motivated and with some fun swag (which I hear is worth the price of the ticket!) Tickets still available!

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  1. Loving the wire rack idea! And just got that new IKEA catalog last week – great ideas (and color). Wishing I could be at that conference. :(

  2. I’m reading The $100 Startup, too. Love books like that. I start daydreaming about all the other careers and businesses I could have–maybe in another life. Ha.

  3. LOVE the Zen Habits quote “it all depends on whether you have things, or your things have you.” So.True. I’ll be at Becoming! Sooo looking forward to it! xo

  4. I keep seeing the book Wrecked all over the internet, so I think that is a must new read!! I will also be at Becoming with bells on:0) Can’t wait for a super fun weekend!!

  5. Great idea for storing pans… If only I had an abundance of cabinet space to be able to do that. I never knew Martha was left handed.

  6. I love that rug from House of Smith!

  7. Where can I find those teal pans? I absolutely love them!

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