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ModCloth via Ryan inspired by a super inspiring commencement speech from Neil Gaiman


Sometimes when you work on a room there are more questions partway in than when you started.  Those questions could be looked at as problems or mistakes or they could be considered fun opportunities that will shape the final outcome in ways you couldn’t have imagined that will ultimately make the space better and unique.  I’ve learned to enjoy the weird quirks that a room presents as I go because those things make me be more creative and that’s where the magic happens.

I ordered a bed online and have learned enough to wait until it’s delivered before I paint the walls.  It said “khaki” in the description, but one person’s khaki is another person’s light pink is another person’s olive is another person’s paperbag brown. This color is not my khaki.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to adjust the room based on the bed color, or if I want to do something to the bed to change its color.  I haven’t put the bed together yet, just testing out the height. I’m not creating this space to fit a specific theme or color so I’m free to make decisions as I go–that’s how most of my rooms come about.  I try to keep my options open for as long as possible and let the room tell me what it wants to be.

The dresser and bed are the only things that I know for sure will go in the room.  The dresser has one coat of paint, but depending on what I do with the bed and the walls I may end up painting it a bright color.  So I’m not going to decide the final color until I make a decision about the bed and the walls.

I’m considering a dark wall for the main wall where the headboard of the bed will end up.

I’ve got a stencil all ready to go once I decide how to use it–maybe on the dark wall, if it turns out to be dark?  Maybe on another wall.

The light fixture I wanted to use in here is entirely too big.  It hangs down about two feet over the bed.  I guess it’s meant for a foyer.

Here’s some stuff in the closet I’m considering using in the room.

I’m thinking about glaming up the elk antlers.

Maybe making the closet a sitting area/with a coat rack that can easily be turned back into a closet?

If I have white walls I want the drapes to pop, I could embellish the current white drapes or start fresh.

The mirror is too big over the dresser in the room and I kind of miss it downstairs over the mantle, I think I’ll move it back for fall.  But then I’ll need to find a mirror for the guest room.

Constantly in my head is the fact that we are renting–how can I make this room spectacular, on a budget and when we move out it not be something that the next owners or renters will view as work they have to cover up?

I’m not in a huge rush to get this room finished.  Yes, I want it done so we can use it but, I don’t want to rush the process too much. Instead of picking out a room I want to copy, I let what I have and how I want the room to feel to dictate where it’s going.   First I’ll decide what direction I’m going with the bed and walls, everything else will fall into place after I make a few big decisions.

…to be continued.


  1. Love that quote! I know you’ll pull the room together, and it will be fantabulous, because it always is! :)

  2. You and me both….almost every room is “To be continued….” Have fun!!

  3. I love hearing how a person’s mind works when they’re designing a space. We all do it so differently. I like taking my time too – I find doing a little bit and then moving on to something else and then revisiting keeps me inspired. Otherwise, I get too much in my head and nothing gets done.

  4. I really enjoy reading about your process and look forward to seeing as the room progresses.

  5. I agree with the previous comments … so fun to be a part of the process from the very beginning!

    Quirky rooms are lovely. Sometimes, I wonder, if loving a rental house means embracing quirks that cannot be changed.

  6. THis was a great brain-dump post. I could just imagine you thinking up more ideas whilst writing the post! Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it is done. The quote is wonderful. And that is definitely not khaki!

  7. I think the best thing about re-doing guest rooms is that you don’t actively live in there, so you don’t need to rush! I know my husband gets all antsy when a project is part-way done, but in the guest room? He never even cares or notices:)


  8. It’s hard to be patient but my experience has shown that rushing to complete a room or settle in a space typically requires a do over.

  9. Haha! I feel like you wrote down my thoughts about several rooms in my house! I just spent two hours out shopping for accessories for decorating the master bedroom, guest room, and dining room. I came back empty handed, with the exception of buckets and shovels that were on clearance for our beach trip in a few weeks.

  10. The beginning of a project is so fun for me… the options are endless! Have fun making your decisions!

  11. I’m dealing with that right now as well with my living room. Trying not to rush the process. I love what you have going so far. Cant’ wait to see how it comes together!

  12. Loved reading all your thoughts on this guest room make-over. I am starting to think about re-doing my bedroom. The paint is 8-years old. The bedroom set itself is pine and 24-years old. The headboard is from the unfinished furniture store because we switched from queen to king size and just bought a plain headboard and stained it to match the other pieces. I just want to paint the furniture, maybe black, get a new headboard and paint another color. Hubby wants to get all new furniture that is all matchy. UGH! Also, as a guest in your guest bedroom I would have a hard time getting to sleep with antlers on the wall. That’s just me!

  13. I LOVED this post!! You wrote exactly how I feel when trying to figure out how a room should go. I am looking forward to seeing how you progress….I tend to get stuck and not go ahead with ANY ideas!

  14. That stencil…do you know how to get it cheaper than $42? I was wanting one to make some curtains, but it would just be cheaper to buy curtains that a stencil and some cheap sheets.

  15. Can you somehow get MY rooms to talk to me and tell me what they want to be? The creativity is dried up … i need a revival!

  16. Can’t wait to see the outcome.. I absolutely adore your

    p.s. Where did u find that beautiful sea fan? :-)


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