Would You Buy This?

Jonathan Adler Toilet Paper roll cover from Cottonelle

Let’s discuss in the comments…

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  1. That would be a no for me too! This may be crazy, but I think a bunch of tp can be cute when thrown into a shallow bowl or basket on the shelf or on the floor of our bathroom. Does anyone else think this, or am I the only one?

    • Kristine, you are not alone. I love baskets for storage, too. They are so versatile. Love the use of fabric in baskets (like bread baskets) as well … a layer of fabric over the toilet paper would keep it sanitary.

  2. My zip lock baggy works just fine when I pack a roll of TP for road trips and under the sink works for every day.

  3. susan beaty says:

    nope…think theyre bug ug. sorry

  4. susan beaty says:

    im with you kristine….

  5. Minority opinion here! I love them. Love the fresh colors and the graphic design. I would NOT use them for TP. Maybe something else.

  6. I got a free sample of these. I can say I am not impressed. They don’t go with anything in the house. It seems a bit clunky for 1 toilet paper roll. It seems like a waste of space to hole ONE roll. I am trying to find another way to use them

  7. Like Anne T, I received a free sample of this plastic canister & may decide to use it another way as well. I like the pattern I chose (via the online form for the free sample). But, my toilet paper roll just barely fit inside it. No, I wouldn’t pay for one … if it was a metal tin, I might.

    • Just followed your link above & noticed things have changed since I received my canister late last year:
      – Payment required (for shipping at the very least): I didn’t have to pay anything. All that was required was the code from Cottonelle toilet paper and my mailing address.
      – Different patterns: None of the patterns I chose from are shown on the site now.

  8. They’re pretty but I certainly would not buy them for toilet paper…I agree that a basket of toilet paper is a perfectly fine way to store extras.

  9. Agree with the majority… they’re cute, but I’d put something else in them. (I don’t want/need something just to hold the stuff used to wipe butts. :p ) But I might use it for misc ribbons, pens, batteries, tacks, cords, etc.

  10. I can think of such a better way to hold tp – do what I do:


    You can be sure you’d never see that in too many houses!

  11. they are revolting.

  12. No. In all my bathrooms there is a cabinet close enough to reach “from a seated position”. If I stored extra roll in a closed container I would find it empty most times I needed it.
    They would be great for doggy do bags by my back door. Market that. :)

  13. Um, I saw a commercial for these the other day and thought that was ridiculous. REALLY? I mean, REALLY? I can’t believe they can even market these.

  14. No, I would never buy these…I don’t know why anyone would…impractical, not my taste and plain weird.

  15. That would be a GREAT BIG NO!! I don’t get it. They’re not only ugly, they’re unnecessary, IMHO.

  16. The first time I saw these I thought of the toilet paper dolls my Grandma would crochet…tacky.

  17. I may be the odd one out here, but I think these have possibilities ~ canister for cotton balls ~ yarn holder (especially with a hole drilled in the top of the lid for yarn to slide through) ~ container for make your own cleaning wipes (using half roll of heavy duty paper towels & online cleaner recipes) ~ curler stashaway~ place for make-up odd ‘n ends ~ bedside holder for supplies when you have a cold ~ spot for all those misc. CD’s or disc with no cases, etc. etc. etc…….The one of the right with the green lid would be my choice, otherwise I’d probably cover them!

  18. Did they not do focus groups on these first before putting them on the shelves. Your cross section here on the blog PROVES that no one wants ONE MORE thing in their bathroom! Seriously. D.U.M.B.E.S.T. I.D.E.A. E.V.E.R.!!!!

  19. I agree with all. Probably a man doing the marketing that has no clue. But they did get our attention and we are discussing their product. So maybe they win? I can’t imagine anyone buying one of these. How completely stupid.

  20. I think the purpose they were created for is ridiculous. You can probably use them elsewhere in the home, though. I like my bathroom to be uncluttered and let’s be honest here. We know what we are going to the bathroom for, why hide the necessities? Jeesh.

  21. Wow, I think some of the opinions here are quite harsh. No, I would never buy one, but I’m excited about getting my free one in the mail and I think it will be useful for organizing craft supplies. I love JA designs, and will never be able to afford them- I think this is pretty cool- especially for FREE!

  22. I may buy it as a craft storage little piece…to sit in my craft room and hold clips, etc. I don’t see the benefit in storing one roll of TP. We have a family of 5 and one roll doesn’t last long.

  23. Shelly Hill says:

    new to your blog! I got this as a free sample and I probably wouldn’t buy another one. I only like it because it was free. But I use it for other things.

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