OMG stands for Oreck Magnesium Giveaway.  Wouldn’t it be funny if they were handing out the actual chemical element, Magnesium, like from the periodic table?  No one would want to win that.

So, the Oreck folks sent me a vacuum cleaner even after I told them that really, I have no carpet, just rugs and a bunch of wood floors.  I didn’t want to waste their high end vacuum on my not too carpeted home. They told me to try it on my rugs and wood and see how I like it.  I admit, I had high expectations of the Oreck brand.  And it didn’t disappoint.

I listed out stuff I like about the Magnesium

  • It’s the Un-heavyest Vacuum I’ve ever used. It’s only 7 pounds.  It feels like a fake vacuum, it’s so incredibly light.  So you don’t need to dread taking it up the stairs to vacuum up there.
  • Doesn’t suck in the edges of even my lightest weight rugs–even worked great on my cowhide. {this is a minor miracle because I’ve tried this with two other vacuums and I end up in a fight between me, the vacuum and the cowhide}  the rug actually stays put when I vacuum over the edges?!
  • No nonsense sturdy construction {I can’t vouch for this but, it has the kind of feel that it would last forever.  I imagine I’ll probably be using this vacuum in 30 years and wishing it would die so I can go ahead and by the newer version already.}
  • It’s simply easy to maneuver and use.  If’ you’ve ever had a clunky vacuum then you’ve experienced Vacuum Avoidance Procrastination I’ve yet to come down with a case of that with the Magnesium.
  • Has a long cord {this should be a given with all vacuums, but unfortunately, it’s not}
  • It can lay flat and roll under really low furniture
  • It can go from shaggy shag to hardwoods with the push one the one solitary button on the back.



It uses bags.  There’s just something so rewarding about having a clear vessel where I can see all the nastiness that I vacuumed up. Although when it comes time to empty said vessel, I always feel a little weird about the dust that escapes the trash.  So bags probably are ideal for locking in dust and junk and if your family has dust issues, I’d guess that it’s the best way to really trap all the grossness that you spend your time vacuuming up in the first place.  And if I really get the urge, I could probably sneak outside in the dead of night with a sharp knife and full vacuum bag and slice it open to see my plunder.

Price.  It’s expensive at $500.  But, I just spend about half the price a few months ago on a vacuum that already has some quirks.  I’m learning it’s less expensive in the long run to pay more for something that lasts longer.

It’s not my favorite color or design.  I know, I’m an idiot.  But, I love a nice, simple vacuum that doesn’t try to steal attention away from my cute pillows.  And lets face it, the vacuum sits out in my house on display more than I would like to admit.  Maybe one day vacuum companies will start allowing us to customize cute Amy Butler and Quadrille fabric covers for the bags? I’m not sure I can legitimately complain about the color of my vacuum.  But you know, it’s my blog and I get to give my own opinion no matter how trite it is.

But wait, there’s more…

They also sent us the Ultimate Handheld Vac.  My boys LOVE using this.  I love using this.  My husband LOVES using this.  It’s a vacuuming miracle.  It’s got a strap so it’s kind of like a purse that vacuums.  This is perfect for the stairs and all those corners and blinds and stuff I try not to think about.

All in all I’d say the Magnesium and its trusty sidekick the Ultimate Handheld Vac are a mighty little workhorse team.

$600 value

Sorry, giveaway is over.

And, one of you lucky people get to win your own dynamic duo.  There is a hoop to jump through to enter to win, but I think it’s worth it, although I admit, I hate hoops, sorry::

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Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes. This vacuum does not cure diseases nor does it make you rich or skinny. Oreck is responsible for shipping the item to the winner.