We only ever connected through twitter and our blogs.   Friday night about a month ago we tweeted back and forth about the shows we were watching and the weather and lighthearted things like that.  She told me to watch Damages and give my sister a hug and congratulate her for her book. I told her to watch American Pickers and that I think of her every time I see a pretty sunset or a full moon~because she asked us to notice.  I hardly knew her at all, but I couldn’t help but be moved by her.  People like Gitz have eternal perspective and wisdom.  She was sick and hadn’t left her home in years and was basically allergic to air but, she always made you forget about that stuff because she was witty and fun and encouraging.

Her motto was Choose Joy.  And she did.  I always forget that it’s a choice. But it is.

Gitz influenced countless people, a few of them are linking up here.