Pillow Shams


Pillow Shams at our Goodwill are only 79 cents.  I used to pass them up thinking I needed a pair to make use of  them, now I grab them if I like them and put a regular bed pillow {they have a fancy name, don’t they} in it and use it on the sofa.  It’s usually the one pillow everyone fights over.  Just another way to cheat the system.

How have you cheated the system lately?


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  1. i do the same thing, i have picked up some beautiful covers from our local op-shop, embroided ones are always a great find.

  2. I did cheat, I revived a golden oldie http://refreshrestyle.com/2011/08/federal-convex-mirror/, please check it out!
    Stalker from becoming,
    Debbie :)

  3. Oh my goodness how I cheat the system. I am sorry I am not computer literate enough to post pictures. However I will tell you what I did.
    From the pages of Country Home magazine there was a dog bed made from old kitchen chairs. So cute. You take the back of the chair for the ‘head board’ and two of the legs are turned into the foot board. You build a box to hold a pillow and attach the chair pieces. I took a bed pillow and look for shams to cover the pillows. When these beds are painted and made up with the shams they look so cute.
    Also when someone was moving from an apartment complex a while back they threw out a nice sofa. I did not need a sofa, but I did need a dog bed for our bassett hound. She tries to wedge herself into the bed for our doxie and it is funny….anyway with that big sofa size pillow I made a couple of covers for it and now my Dixie Belle (the bassett ) has a great looking bed in the den and our bed room. No more trying to wedge her self into the small bed.

  4. I love the doily pillows!!! Adorable:)

  5. Fabulous find, and a great price. You will get lots of use out of them because of their neutral colors:)

  6. $0.79? I can’t wait to see how much my Goodwill is charging! What a great, inexpensive way to dress your couch up. Love beating the system. ;)

  7. Bed pillows on the couch? Brilliant. And I just might have to use this idea since I’m forever dragging my pillow downstairs to hold while watching a TV show or movie.

  8. I have your other to the pair! :-) We will have to get them together sometime!

    xoxo michele

  9. What a great idea!

  10. There’s a system? LOL

  11. YES!!! I totally used to do this! But where I live now…the GW is soooo overpriced. I need to wait and find a better thrift shop. But I used to find the most gorgeous shams!

  12. Oh my goodness, how cool! I cheated it a little this week too! I turned my thrifted bird pillow sham into two housewarming gifts! $1 for 2 presents! Love it! :)

  13. This is a great idea, and one I have never thought of. Perfect!

    p.s. As far as I know, they are called “standard pillows.”

  14. What a great idea! Using bed pillows in cute shams would totally solve my problem of not being able to find cute (and affordable) throw pillows for our sofa! Genius!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  15. Great idea! What an easy way to dress up your furniture for very little money!

  16. Great idea! I’ll have to keep that in mind. I never find good deals at Goodwill. I must not go at the right time. I have friends who find great stuff all the time.

  17. Sooo smart!

  18. i cheated the system by spray painting my bathroom countertops!!! i was a little freaked to try it.. but more freaked at the GREEN color they were – so the lesser of the two freakness’ won. :)

    and that’s a great sham. never thought to throw them on the couch. nester, you’re genius.

  19. I cheated the system by making old vintage tablecloths into pillows AND a skirt!

  20. I found a great sage green, cotton flat sheet (twin bed size, if I remember correctly) for about $1 at our thrift store and used it to make a table cover and 2 pillows for our outside deck. I did have to buy the “fluff” for the pillows, but that was only about $3, I think. They turned out really nice and I didn’t have to worry about “messing up” because I invested so little! Our GW is overpriced here most of the time. :(

  21. So I’ve been wanting to get a large piece of art to put in our living room above our couch. The wall has been empty since we moved in in March and it’s so boring. Spending a lot ov mo ey to fill the wall just wasn’t an option so I needed to figure out an alternative. While at Ikea a few weeks ago I noticed they were having a sale on their huge pieces of wall art. The pictures were of different big cities, New York an Chicago inparticular which are two of my faces. So even though I didn’t buy anything that day i thought imhad figured out what I wanted to put on our living room wall eventually. But then i went to the Becoming Conference in Asheville:) After sitting in some classes and getting some great ideas and inspiration from The Nester and Angela from Button Bird Designs I decided that I could be a little more creative than buying a framed print from Ikea. On trash day this week I spotted a huge piece of wood in my neighbor’s garbage. It looked like an old door or window. It was mine! I brought it home and painted it with some left over wall paint of a blueish color and it’s going to be my new art piece! I plan on distressing it and adding a few more things to it to make it “me”. Who needs Ikea when you have garbage day! :)

  22. hi dear ur post is so good pillow shams

  23. I cheated the system by making my own faux crystal chandelier from a wire wreath form and beads at Hobby Lobby! I couldn’t find any chandeliers in my price range, so I just winged it. The best part was that it attached to the ceiling around the recessed lighting, so no electrical skills needed. It totally makes the space! http://thehappyhomebodies.blogspot.com/2011/08/closet-makeover-finished.html

  24. That is one *gorgeous* pillow sham! I love to stock up on thrifted linens – sometimes for their intended purposes and sometimes to cut up for other projects. A couple weeks ago I found two white pillowcases with eyelet trim for just $0.75 total!

  25. I’m using a large, soft, textured, thick, purple pillow with white fuzzy trim on the rocking chair in my daughters’ room. It’s perfect for a seat cushion. It’s original purpose at the store? Found it in the pet section as a doggie bed!

  26. “Those are beautiful shams. I love shopping at Goodwill… always a great way to “cheat the system!”

  27. Oh I save old pillows and either buy a sham or fabric to cover them. I usually use them on the outdoor furniture.

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