Feather Juju Hats

Wow. Have you seen these?  When I first saw a Juju hat I thought it was some kind of amazing, mystical, heavenly, perfected wreath that I had to make.

This photo is byLouise from Table Tonic, a blog and a shop where you can buy these voluptuous wreath like beauties.  Here’s what the Table Tonic website says about Juju Hats::

Traditionally worn by Village Chiefs in the Cameroon region of central Africa, Juju hats have since gained popularity with interior designers, and are often used as an eye-catching accessory for the home. Beautiful bird feathers are painstakingly hand sewn onto a raffia fiber base/basket that splays out into a huge circle. Feathers are considered rare objects of beauty and a symbol of prosperity and wealth associated with the positive qualities of birds. When not in use, the Juju hat can be neatly folded in on itself for easy storage. A perfect example of fine, unique and skillful weaving from Central West Africa, Juju hats have featured in high-end decor magazines, such as Domino, Elle Decor and Inside Out, to name a few.


Because of the craftsmanship these are expensive.  I’ve seen them for $400-$800.  But just because something is entirely out of my price range doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy looking at it.  Or even think about how I can hack something like it for myself.

I tried to follow the pinterest rabbit trail for this photo and it led to From the Right Bank but I still couldn’t find the actual source, the only downfall of pinterest.  The colors on these feathers are lovely and these hats are the “look at me” of every room.

another pinterest mystery

And they can fit in with just about any style.

Averill from Odi et Amo held a little discussion asking her readers if they were over with the juju hat craze.  Apparently, while I’ve been perfecting my Pioneer Woman version of cinnamon rolls and cleaning toilets, the real designers have been gawking over these for years.  She wondered if they were going to be the next “Keep Calm and Carry On” trend.  Plus, they were seen on HGTV and real designers hate it when something shows up on HGTV because that means normal folk might start using it and the item has then gone “mainstream”, I wonder if that means they are all throwing their Juju hats in the trash?  Maybe I will find one at my local thrift store?  Anyhow, it’s a really great post at a beautiful blog and worth the click.  Plus, Averill took a poll from her readers to see how they felt about the Juju hat craze and she has lots of lovely photos.

table tonic

And because bloggers are amazing…

Rosa at Flutter Flutter created a $10 version that uses yarn and looks really good especially for a tiny fraction of the price of an authentic hat.  You can also purchase one from her etsy shop.

A new to me blogger, Kelly at View Along the Way had a funny take on the Juju.

They also remind me of the feather boa wreaths we all made 5 years ago~only these are more organized.  I wonder if there is a way to use feathers to make your own but not pay $400?  If any one does it, email me ASAP.

So, I’d love to hear your thoughts, like em? Hate em?  Have one?  Want to wear one? Ideas to hack one?

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  1. i think they are completely fabulous. but i will probably never own one because although i highly doubt they would ever be mainstream where i am, something about it makes me uneasy. i have mixed feelings when something of cultural significance to some is used as a knick knack for others, especially if i can’t be sure that i have gotten it in an ethical way.

    plus i am trying to skip every other trend or so because i don’t want my home to be the decor equivalent of the JLo velour tracksuit, and everything go out of style at once.

  2. Oooh I love the one in yellow. No where in the world can I put one in my house. Teehee.

  3. marieDee says

    I’m not crazy about them because they just look like a big, uninteresting flower to me. Not having seen one in person, however, I can’t say that I wouldn’t like it. I found it more attractive and interesting when I saw one as a hat on some show.
    By the way, nester, I want to say “thank you” again for the encouragement you’ve given to try new things and to realize that “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!”

  4. When I first looked at the photo and the post title, I thought it had a spelling mistake…should have been Zuzu instead of Juju – as in made of Zuzu’s petals from the old Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”! Then I read further and “got”it.
    I am waay too traditional to see that in most of my house, but it would make a wonderful accent to me in a teenage girl’s room (but the cost is also way out of my budget.)
    Interesting…just not my style.
    kelly in georgia

  5. saw genevieve use one, they are cool but would not fit in at my house!

  6. GAG!

    Too close to the really strange stuff in the decade of the ’70’s (and, yes, I was there)….


  7. They remind me of zinnias. So beautiful. I think nothing you really love is out of style. Well, at least nothing this beautiful. :)

  8. I love ’em! What a wonderful art piece and great way to bring color into the room. I saw Geniveve use it as well, and definitely tried to find one for myself, but like you, I found them soooo expensive. :( I was thinking a similar looking piece could be done with colored raffia (wow, do they even make that stuff any more)? Or dyed corn husks would probably work too. How to go about it? Sheesh! I don’t know, but would love to try it out if you ever find one. The yarn one is cute, but too…. well, “yarny” for me.


  9. No, not for me. I like the colors, but the idea of feathers. I can not see it in my home ever.

  10. Oh, I think they look so fun!
    I like the real thing– oh, those feathers speak to me– but for the price difference I find the yarn version interesting too!

  11. Having an epiphany {of sorts} as I lay down to go to sleep last night I realised that the huge wall above our bed is crying out for a JuJu.
    Loving Louise from ‘Table Tonic’ but not having the clams to shell out for an authentic version I thought “Perhaps I could have a go and make my own!”
    Googling ….make your own JuJu I landed here and have not only enjoyed reading your post and the comments that have accompanied it but have found the perfect starting point for my JuJu adventure, I’m scooting over to Rosa’s now to see what I can do with a little wool and a whole lot of patience.

    xx Felicity

  12. Dust, can you say “dust collector”? love the colors but am so anal I would need to try to dust the thing everyday

    • My thoughts exactly… Haven For Collecting Dust, lots & lots of Dust on feathers! Can’t spray feathers with water nor dusting spray (like “Endust”), your completely ruin the feathers with balled clumps of grime & dust.
      Forget that mess — asthma & allergies would run amok!

  13. I have a Ju Ju Hat and I didn’t pay a fortune. Through the wonders of the internet, I went to the source…….Africa. I typed in Google Africa, then did a search and came up with an African place that will make you an authentic hat for a fraction of the price and ship to any country. What’s best about this is the money goes to help the tribes people who make them!

    • Do you have the name of the website you used

    • I second that, would love to know the source you found these.

    • Yes please….pass it one…..

      • Hello ,

        My husband and I own a local handicraft center where we produce quality juju hats for interior decor all the way from Cameroon, West Africa.
        We sell a piece for $90.
        We supply a minimum orde of 12 [1 dozen].
        This permits us cover shipping charges.
        We have recent delivery trackings to our clients in the US, UK and Australia.

        Please contact me at pnjcraftshats at gmail dot com
        skype : etspnj



  14. I’m dying to have 3 on my bedroom wall above my bed. But since I can’t afford THAT, I made one out of yarn using that tutorial and yarn that I had laying around. It will do for now.

  15. I am in love with Juju hats! I just bought one and can’t wait to hang it on my wall {I bought it for our vacation home but haven’t been “vacationing” lately so I haven’t been able to hang it} In person they are an awesome piece of art. Texture, color and depth like you have never seen. I actually did a post about mine here

    I recently ran across a post somewhere on the internet where they called it a pygmy hat and want 3 times as much as when they are sold as a Juju hat. They look the same to me, so I don’t know if there really is a difference besides the name.

  16. Hi there!! I *just* saw this post as I was catching up here on your blog and wanted to tell you that one of my girlfriends actually made one for me!! It was my birthday present this year. It is huge and HOT PINK!! And it is amazing!!! :) I still love these things!!! I love the depth and interest they add to a wall…

  17. Love, Love, Love them! I found them on Geniveve as well and now obsessed with getting one for my office. My office is actually the style similar to what she decorated on that particular show (minus the lavender rug.. which I am now thinking about).

    I have this print in my office. Her love her photography for those who don’t want the dust :)


  18. Thanks for those great pics!
    Found some good Juju Hats from Kanda African Art at the Chelsea Antiques Market, 112, W 24 str, NYC.
    Ousmane Camara is the owner. He is originally from Mali, and has a good eye for tribal city chic.

  19. Mary Joy Lilly says

    I love JUJU hats. The colors are gorgeous. It looks like a huge mum. When I first saw it on HGTV I had never heard of it, like most of us. I went nuts over it. I can’t imagine people saying it would never work in their home. It will in mine. Anywhere. But mine is going over my bed. I am going to try my hand in making one. I purchased a bunch of black feathers died purple. They are gorgeous. I haven’t decided the hows yet. But I am pretty creative and I think I can come close. It will not be a hat but it will be a decorative piece. I am excited to start my project. If it turns out, they will make great presents.

  20. I did an update on the yarn juju hats and have started making them with raw wool… here’s the link in case you’re curious! :) https://www.etsy.com/listing/162610608/felted-wool-juju-hats-new-style?ref=shop_home_active

    Thanks again for linking up to my blog/Etsy shop way back when, it still brings traffic over. :)

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  23. Kim "the voice for the voiceless" says

    I’m very surprised that no one here has questioned where all these feathers come from!
    I would imagine that thousands (millions?) of birds will be exploited and die over this fashion craze.
    As Americans can’t we think more about where things actually come from and less about popularity?

    • i just saw your post questioning how the feathers foe JuJu hats are obtained. I would like to know before I get one because I support animal rights. Would you please let me know what, if anything, you found out.

    • Absolutely agree. I was scrolling through the comments wondering if anyone would bring this up. In fact my Google search for “how many birds must die to make a juju hat?” lead me here. I don’t have my answer yet.

    • Lisa Gaither says

      Absolutely agree. I was scrolling through the comments wondering if anyone would bring this up. In fact my Google search for “how many birds must die to make a juju hat?” lead me here. I don’t have my answer yet.

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