National {not really} Take A Risk Day

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
–Andre Gide

We don’t risk because it’s easy or normal or natural, we risk because of hope. Hope comes in all sorts of packages and I can’t wait to see what you’ve done in your home or otherwise~the good, the bad, the ugly: it’s all valuable because you risked and that is so much more than doing nothing.  And if you are wondering what in blognation I’m talking about read this post about risk.

This is not a show off the cutest thing you made party, no no, this is a linky for risk takers, if it feels like a risk to you, then it is. No need to share a perfect project, risks usually result in some imperfections.  If you took a huge risk last year and you feel your post applies, feel free to link up but don’t waste our time trying to just show off your cute projects, we want to be inspired by your bravery in your home or in your business or in your life.

Make sure you link to the permalink of your blog post.  If you see that your link is deleted it’s because the link was bad, feel free to try again.  No requirement to link back here but for those of you who take the time to link to this post, thank you so much!, because I like to shake things up a bit, I took a little risk and clicked on the reverse entry for inlinkz: so the most recent entry will show up as number 1.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Well, it’s not what you’re looking for but it’s house related. I took a risk by making the decision to short sale our house. We are basically starting over and it’s scary, sad and a relief all at the same time. We’ll see what living the rental life is like, but I’m glad that I have your blog to inspire and remind me that living in a rental won’t be all that bad!

    • oh Stephanie, I love that feeling after you finally make a decision and then can move forward, I wish you all the best~there is a lot to be said for starting over!

  2. Can I post a picture if I don’t have a blog? We’ve taken a big “paint” risk this week as well as placing some new stuff on top of our tv cabinet to go with our “beachy” theme that we’re just beginning to work on. The house was 100% white walls except for 2 apple blossom pink bathrooms. Lotsa work to do here but its fun to get started!

  3. I’m getting rid of half my wardrobe. So many things I have been holding on for the wrong reasons, but I’m done. Half of it is going away (1/4 of it gone, 1/4 of it will be going this week) and I’m only keeping my trusted pieces. No room in my life for crap that’s only taking up space!

  4. I reposted an old post back a year and a half when I painted my countertops, put up backsplash and beadboard wallpaper. I had told my husband what I wanted to do and he did not like the idea at all. I did get a little nervous at times when I thought it wasn’t going to turn out ok. Thankfully, it turned out beautiful! I’d still have the same old ugly kitchen if I hadn’t just gone for it!

  5. Wow! What a lovely idea. So MANY beautiful things in life come from taking risks. I have learned this the hard way. Not everything in life turns out perfect or as planned {nor is it intended to} Thank you for hosting the “risk link party” You are such an inspiration Little Miss Nester. Started reading your blog years ago and finally to the “risk” and got up the “courage” to just recently start my own! I am loving blogging so far. Take care lady and keep on taking those risks!

  6. I adore you. Putting the last first. :)

    I’m wrestling around with the words to explain the silly, non-house, put my heart out there risk that I took.

    Maybe I’ll have more words in the morning. Or less. Maybe I’ll have less words. Less words would be good.

  7. I am enjoying your blog….just found it last week. I am so NOT a risk taker but you have encouraged me to try. I am now working on my empty bedroom and looking for some fabric or sheets to hang on my curtain rods…so Thanks!

  8. What a cool linky party. I immediately thought back to curtains I bought (and posted on my blog) about a month ago. I was SO nervous about them, but seeing them in the room made everything make sense and my whole house is miraculously coming together after 5 years of drifting from idea to idea, but never LOVING anything. You know what I’m in love with now? COLOR. I want to shout it to the world ” I LOVE COLOR!!!”

    My fav Nester risk is still the door on the wall. Brilliant. And it’s a risk my husband still thinks is “too risky” for our home. Maybe next year. ; )

  9. I love that you reordered the entries so the last is first. Such a fun change. :)

  10. So, my risk was kind of lame, but it was a risk for me b/c I tend to hem and haw (yes, those are words!) over every little decision. I actually thought about your party as I debated whether or not to hack away at that forsythia bush. And I am so glad I did!! :)

    Thanks for hosting, Nester!

  11. A little early on the linky party, are we? I don’t have my post ready….dang it…don’t have my post ready. Tomorrow…I’ll get it done. Manana!

    I like that you title the links “risk takers.” How fun.

  12. I love this idea for a party! The biggest risk I’ve taken lately has been hosting my first linkup party, but I thought linking up a party would be cheating, so I picked a project where I pulled out the power tools, because I usually let my husband do those parts of projects.

    Still the party was my big risk. I was so nervous the night before, I could hardly sleep. I didn’t want the disappointment of hearing crickets. Luckily, I had some blog friends to lean on. Thanks so much for hosting this party. It’s neat to see where everyone is stretching.

  13. Perfect link topic. Perfect. Women like you are helping women like me crawl out of my safe little box. Even if it’s only a decorating box, still, I’m crawling.

    Thanks :-)

  14. Love your blog, still quite a newbie and have JUST started taking risks…have no idea how to link anything so oh well :) But I’ve been thinking about painting my son’s dresser a color just like that red bed at the top of the page, do you know what color that is?? Thanks for the time you put in to doing the blog, it’s given me lots of inspiration!

  15. and once again, you have the coolest parties around. Can’t wait to see everyones risks- I’ve enjoyed sharing pics of my asparagus walls. Thanks for hosting!

  16. I can’t link because I haven’t written a post about this….BUT, I just decided to paint my red dining room/kitchen grey. I picked up the paint today and only have a small patch done. This is going to be a major change! And also fun :)

  17. Oh, I so thought I wold be ready to post my risk. And, I’m not.
    I guess I’ll read up on all the others and use that inspiration to move forward.

    I’m still looking for my “sailfish!” inspiration
    One of these days I’ll find it – it will likely involve a log or logs.

    Psst – There’s still time to enter our giveaway!

  18. agh. . I am going to be on the computer too much :) too many good links here to read :) thanks for hosting this. . I am inspired.

  19. I love when I stop over to visit your Table, that your conversation here mimics the one at our Table.
    Taking Risks in life is what keeps every turn on your journey and room in your home, fresh. Thanks for keeping it Fresh!

  20. I took a big risk – but alas I didn’t get it finished – so no post for me yet – boo! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s though! Hoping I’ll get to swing back by and link up when I’m finished.

  21. I added my post about the upholstered ottoman I made. I left you a comment last week about how the ottoman didn’t work out the first time I tried it. I let it sit for a week and came up with a new plan. Thanks for making me feel like it was okay to fail and try again.

  22. For me it are always the sentimental pieces that feel the most risky. As if I am not allowed to touch it because it used to belong to someone I love. I linked up a chair project I did over the summer. It is a chair that was part of my parents wedding furniture (back in the days when people had wedding furniture). It took me forever to come up with the courage to change the chair. And the funny thing is, my mother would have done it herself in a heartbeat. It was my hesitation and not hers. That’s why I am absolutely certain she is mighty proud now about me taking that risk. And I enjoy that chair on a daily basis now and it has become the most wonderful memory of my mom and her creative and dare-devil spirit and a reminder that maybe just maybe I take after her a little.

  23. Hi Nester,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all of your inspiration and encouragement that you give me daily. I think my risk today wasn’t that I painted a piece of furniture for the first time (that’s the link I shared) but that I joined in your link party…I am so self-conscious because I am new to blogging and mine isn’t “pretty” like so many others, my pictures are taken with my iphone (and I’m not the greatest photographer anyway :) and I just feel like the new girl in school, hoping to fit in with all the cool kids…heehee…but I did it…I feel like I’m in one of those dreams where you are in the hallway at school between classes in your underwear, but I did it!

    Thank you for making today Take A Risk Day!

    Brandy (I’m the one that called your fur chair Chewbacca…sorry :)

  24. Thank you so much for hosting this link party. I’m having a blast going through and checking out other peoples’ risky projects…and getting tons of inspiration. Good thing I don’t have to work for a few more hours!

  25. I wouldn’t have risked the HOA police if it weren’t for you.
    Thanks for the excitement!

  26. I love that you’re hosting this! It’s so fun!!!

  27. Thanks Nester for hosting this party. I’m undertaking something that’s a risk for me…repairing the gazillion holes in the wall from wallpaper removal. I’ve never done this before…hoping it works out. :)

  28. I love this post, and this Linky idea! So different and yet it applies to so much. Hopefully we all take risks everyday to keep moving forward. I love this Risky Business called Life!

  29. Ok, so I’ve got nothing to post about taking a risk – all my 8-month-pregnant energy (little though it is) has gone to making sure the baby has something clean to wear and a place to sleep when we get home from the hospital.

    But I’ve been wanting to try a gallery wall in my living room, over my piano that highlights my kids’ portraits. (I already have three kids, and will soon add the fourth so that gets me a good start on frame to use.) Not sure what else I want, but maybe a frame/canvas with their handprints? A mirror? And I’m almost motivated by all these projects enough to go find the frames I want the pictures in – they are just upstairs, after all!

  30. I’m taking my risk tomorrow. But, since I’m not a blogger, you won’t get to see it {sad face}. My friend’s son is 12 and wanted a bedroom redo for 2 years now. She did take the dinosaur curtains down….but…it’s still a little boys room. I’m so excited! Tomorrow we will completely re-do his room…and he has no idea….and I ‘think’ he’s gonna love the new industrial look. Oh I hope so….I guess I’ll find out if I really know teen boy cool {or not!} ’cause these are all my ideas.

    You’re right…risk is about hope….and it’s been good for me and his mom.

  31. So excited to read through all of these. I need some inspiration and definitely need to take more risks.

  32. Sorry couldn’t help myself. But you inspired me to write an impromptu post about my love/hate relationship with risk taking. So I linked up a second time. Hope that is all right.

  33. Had a blast with this post today! Thanks a bunch for hosting and now I’m off to catch up on reading some of these big risks ;) Fondly, Roberta
    How do you like me now?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see that you’re leaving this linky party up for a few days. There may be time left for me to finally take the risk that I’ve been working on – picking a paint color. (That and buying a new camera). I just am so afraid to pick the paint color! Even though a tester size of paint is only $6.50 it’s still seems like a waste of money if I get it wrong. Help!

  35. I smiled when I read this post. And had a hard time choosing which one to link up. They’re ALL risky! Non risky brings on the yawns for me. It’s a sickness at this point… :)


  36. i put my link up last night when ruthanne told me you were doing this post, but am just now getting around to commenting. i started the post i linked up to two weeks ago and dropped it because it sounded stupid. (that voice in my head again). then i saw you were doing this and just jumped back into it and finished it. i had so many encouraging comments today as a result of publishing that. so thank you for doing this. not only did i take a risk starting my own business, i took a risk putting it out there on the blog in fear that people would say i’m not good enough or who cares.

    so, thanks for doing this. it was the gentle push i needed.

  37. I NEEDED to read this so badly today! I’m into my third day of refinishing my kitchen cabinets–you know, the ones that were perfectly lovely and many people would feel lucky to own but I hated the light oaky color. At the moment the doors have one coat of cherry stain and look disturbingly similar to the color they were before I started. The frames are waiting for the first coat, and I’m a little worried that I need to sand more to keep it from looking patchy. I’m definitely worried that I bit off more than I can chew, but you know what–it’s worth the risk. Whatever happens, I’ll end up with a kitchen I love instead of just like because I should. And if I have to pay someone to fix it for me, well, lesson learned. And if it comes out okay because I made it, then I’ll get to smile every time I walk into my kitchen for the next several years :)

  38. What great list of projects that linked up. So many ideas!

  39. Thanks for putting this post up, I finally got the nerve last week to paint my “unfashionable” oak cabinets. I have sanded and primed the doors and was debating which color of white (with a tinge of gray) I would choose, knowing deep down that I’m not a white cabinet kind of girl. After reading your post I took the plunge and bought a gallon of BM Bittersweet Chocolate paint and although I haven’t started painting yet, I am so anxious to start I can hardly contain myself.

    On a side note, I’ve had more change these past two years than most have had in their entire lifetimes. Sold my dream house, marriage ended, and changed jobs, I went ahead and bought a house last year, my very own first home and that was the biggest risk I’d ever taken. And I’m the happiest I’ve ever been because of it.

  40. That’s awesome! More blog parties should take a risk and occassionaly flip the order too! LOVE it and great party! Thanks for hosting!

    :D Lynda

  41. I fell behind on my blog reading this week, but of course Nesting Place is the first spot I had to check in to catch up this weekend! 317 risks! And you know I’ll have to read them all! Thanks for a great linky party. I can’t wait to be inspired…

  42. I fell behind on my reading, too, and what a shame! I had just the risk to share with everyone. Great job on those who took risks! :)

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