About a month ago while doing some inspiration browsing at Z Gallerie, I feel in love with some paintings.  This one called Limecicles caught my eye first.  You can’t tell on the screen but it’s pure texture.  Each line of color is separated by deep ridges that you can’t help but touch and run your fingers up and down.

Next I saw Bluecicles.  Oh the humanity.  I know this style isn’t for everyone. That’s not the point of this post anyway.  I loved them.  And the dimension that the raised ridges added makes the whole experience.

Then I found the QUEEN. Icicles. Stop the world!  Quiet, unassuming, peaceful, but still intense in its own way.  White has a way to quiet a room in a way that I’m becoming addicted to and this shimmery white abstract painting was lovely but I couldn’t justify the $399 price tag.

Weeks later I was still thinking about that painting and wondering if something like it would work in our bedroom.  Instead of investing in a $40 large canvas and white shimmery paint and texturizer stuff that I don’t even know what it is, I thought I’d experiment.  I grabbed a small blank canvas and for texture found some thick school glue.  I just made globby straight lines and let them dry for a few hours.

Then I dug out what paint I had.  My flat wall paint was almost frozen but I cared not.  I’m going for texture anyway so I just spread it all around.

The end result is elementary and not as stunning as the real painting but, I like it enough to know that it’s worth the investment into a large canvas and some shimmery paint for our bedroom.

You don’t need to be certified or endowed or ordained to be an artist .  You just have to want to and not be afraid to try. Everyone won’t like it, and that’s the entire point, if everyone likes something then it’s not special and it’s certainly not art.

My sister’s been writing about art lately.  Art is more than paint and school glue, go read more about what she says because each of us is an artist inside.  Yes, that means you, and it may not be in the way that you think.