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I know it’s that time again because I had my annual Blissdom nightmare two nights ago.  It starts off innocently but strange enough, naturally, I’m getting my braces taken off right before Blissdom.  After my braces come off I discover that not only are my teeth brown, but they are somehow made of thin brittle paper and as soon as I start to talk, they become loose and crumble away.  The annual dream does have one redeeming quality; I wake up and experience sheer, unadulterated relief that my teeth are intact.  It’s actually a great way to start the day, thankful that you have a mouthful of non-paper-teeth.

Pretty much the best part of blissdom is getting to hang out with everyone.  Last year Kate reminded me that the journey is meant to be shared and that is so true.

Every year I hope that it will be different and that I will get to spend quality time with more people and every year it seems to just pass in a big, sweaty armpity blur.   So, in a feeble attempt to get a handle on who’s going to be there this year, I’m hosting a linky today.

If you are going to be in Nashville next week for ANY reason I’d love for you to link up.

I don’t care if you are going to every single conference session, if you are not even attending the conference, if you are getting a root canal in Nashville, or if you live in Nashville.  If there is any chance you will be hanging out around Opryland next week, let us know.  There is something magical about hanging out with other women who share your passion, even if just for a few minutes.

I’ll put the link at the end of this post.  I still have more words.

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Blissdom Communities

For those of you who are attending Blissdom, this year is a little different.  There are a few dedicated times to break out into communities or tribes based on your interests.  All of the different choices are here on the Blissdom site, go ahead and look at it and figure out what tribe or two best fits your blog.  Melissa and I are Home Community Leaders this year and we are so excited to get to hang out with other hommies.  Each tribe/community will get together after the keynote Thursday morning, just so we can connect and talk and try to answer any questions, share hot glue ideas or whatever.  Joining in is completely optional but, we would love to have you if you think that the Home tribe best defines your blog. If you have any questions or want to connect with other home bloggers from now until the end of blissdom you can use the hashtags #home#blissdom in your tweets on twitter.

Home Niche Wisdom Workshop

In other news, there is a dedicated one hour workshop just for hommies.  Melissa and I will be leading that as well and talking about all of our favorite home bloggers and how smart they are we will impart on a sophisticated discussion on practical tips and tricks and how to think about your home blog.  Find out more about that at The Inspired Room and make sure to introduce yourself in Melissa’s comments.

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(in)courage Beach House party

No matter why you are in Nashville, you are invited to the (in)courage party Thursday night at 9:30.  The party is held in a suite at Opryland. Follow @incourage on twitter for the announcement of the suite number on Thursday.  This party was one of my favorite events last year.  Be prepared for giveaways. And if you are sure you might come, go ahead and RSVP here:Blissdom (in)courage Beach House Bash

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…remember that the people sitting with you are likely the most interesting, kind, passionate people at the conference.

-Edie via Life in Grace

Not Coming to Blissdom?

Maybe you’ve never cared to go to a blogging conference or maybe Blissdom isn’t your thing.  However, I know some of you aren’t going and kind of wish you were.  I know what it’s like to feel like you are the only girl in America not hanging out at the conference.  During the last blogging conference I missed, I purposely did something extra fun with the family so we would have a great memory and it made me feel better about not going.  I also tortured myself by following the hashtag on twitter{ for Blissdom it’s #blissdom} and it actually kind of made me feel like I was there.  Just know, if you aren’t going this year, you are missed and you are not alone.

-no good way to tactfully transition here so….

Now It’s Time to Link Up!