If you have yet to hear, our dear friend Edie from Life in Grace lost her home and all of her family’s possessions to a fire last Tuesday.    Her family escaped.  And in her words in an email to me and Emily on Christmas, in true Edie fashion she said

“what a christmas gift i’ve been given.  my children are all safe with not so much as a singed strand of  hair.  the mercy of Christ is boundless.”

That it is.

Edie’s blog is a blend of crafting and cooking and faith and decorating and homeschooling and fashion.  She’s one of the most intentional homemakers I know and I’ve learned much from her and been greatly influenced by her style.  Her use of color, whimsy, pattern and period pieces worked like magic in her home to create a cozy, welcoming environment where she loved her family well and homeschooled her girls.

Although her family is safe they all suffered a tragic loss.  Join me by remembering them in your prayers and thoughts.

{song:: Gratitude by Nichole Nordemon, photos:: Life in Grace}