The Organized Simplicity Effect

before Organized Simplicity                         after Organized Simplicity

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Yesterday I transformed my laundry room in the time it took those whites to go from the washer to the dryer thanks to Tsh’s {Simple Mom’s} new book, Organized Simplicity.

I’m a huge fan of the Simple Mom blog and I consider Tsh a friend and even a mentor {not that she knows that last part}. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tsh in real life a few times and I’ve always noticed that she was one of the most intentional people I’ve ever met.

One of the last comments that I remember receiving at the end of the October 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest series was from a reader who basically said “I want to declutter but HOW?”.  And I knew that Tsh’s book was about to come out and that it would answer that question.  And it does.  But, it goes much deeper than decluttering, it starts with your family and your goals and your finances.  It’s kind of like the clutter free approach to intentional living.  Oh, wait, that’s the subtitle. Anyhow, every word is freeing and encouraging. She leaves space for us to apply her words to our own situation

This is not a “you need to get rid of all of your stuff” book.  But while reading, I had a desire to experiment and see how I felt about having less. So I started with our laundry room and evaluated everything.  That door is open all the time and when we open our front door you can see straight into the laundry room.  All that stuff on the shelves was fine, but half the baskets were empty and the other half held things that could easily be placed in a more user friendly spot {extension cords, glue sticks, spray paint} many things that could be tossed, and a few things I’m ready to part with {anyone need a giant bird cage}.  I can’t believe the difference that clearing out some visual clutter made.  Even clutter that I thought was kind of pretty seems worth less compared to the calm I’ve gained.   Now I’m basking in the space I’ve created and craving more of less.

Tsh is giving away four copies of her book, Organized Simplicity.  Leave a comment to enter to win.  Want to read more about the book?  You can preview the book and scroll through life size pages and see the beautiful color photos here.

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  1. Oh wow– I NEED this book! I’ve got stuff everywhere that is “organized” but not really. This would be great.

  2. This book sounds like exactly what I need. I would love to win.

  3. I LOVE the Simple Mom and reading her blog. I’d love to win her new book!

  4. This book is exactly what I need right now … I’m a new mom recently back to work and trying to maintain the house has become depressing….!

  5. Exactly my plans for the next few months. It is amazing how we accumulate so much in so little time.

    Judy :)

  6. Totally with you on this de-cluttering business! De-cluttering and simplifying our home after years of in and out as our main home was overseas is my focus! After all we must make room for those antique pieces and 18 boxes of must have stuffed animals and memories!

  7. i would LOVE to have her book!! (and your laundry room looks amazing!!)

  8. I could really use this book. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  9. I pretty well idolize Tsh. You know, in a mostly healthy sort of way! We bought a house six-ish months ago, and thanks to you, I feel like it’s is decently decorated (not every gal is born with good decorating genes, but I know believe we can be taught!). However, I am already in need of some good organizational tips. Who knew I could get a new home so crazy so fast??

  10. This book sounds amazing. I just cleaned and decluttered my sewing/reading room, and I keep going in there to look at how much better it is with less stuff. I would love to read the whole book and try to do the same thing with the rest of my home.

  11. Good grief, do I ever need this book! I homeschool four kids and feel like I am constantly trying to make this house run more efficiently. Love your laundry room makeunder.

  12. I would love to win this book! My house is so cluttered that you cant hardly walk anywhere without stepping on something (or someone!)

  13. I could use some help and ideas to declutter this house before our third baby arrives. Thank you!

  14. There is something so theraputic about decluttering. My husband has mastered the art of decluttering, but I have much to learn!

  15. Wow! Your laundry room looks fabulous! I so need this book! I would love to declutter and live in simplicity. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I am in total need of this book! Maybe if I don’t win it, I will find it at the library. With a 2 yr old and a 3 month old and a 30 yr old husband, I have my hands full. I love what you have done with your laundry roo… and YES I LOVE that birdcage! ;)

  17. Oh my, I am currently going through rooms and trying to purge and organize before the holidays!! It started off super, but has completely stalled the last few weeks. I would love this book to kick me back into gear!! Thanks for the great giveaway and daily dose of inspiration!!

  18. I’ve been stuck in a decluttering rut – I need a new perspective, some fresh mojo. This book looks like the ticket. Thanks, Nester!

  19. this sounds like exactly what I could use – I have the purging bug, but not quite sure to go about it.

  20. I so need this…..

  21. As a military wife getting ready for a cross-country move, this book would be perfect right now! I hope I can win it but I think I’ll have to buy it if I don’t.

  22. This sounds like a wonderful book!

  23. I may be way too late, I don’t know, but I would LOVE to win this book! Kelly

  24. Very cool book, I’d love to have one!

  25. Sounds like I could definitely learn a few things from this book! count me in!

  26. I would love to have this book!

  27. I absolutely use this book! I tend to be a bit of a pack rat and my organizational skills are minimal! :)

  28. Oh, I could really use this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Hi Nester! I was inspired just by previewing the book. Living with less and enjoying life more sounds good to me! Thanks.

  30. That looks like both a really practical and gorgeous book!

  31. Oh, man! This is exactly what I need!

  32. Eight kids plus homeschool = a constant need to simplify. Help!

  33. Thank you for introducing me to Tsh and this book! Our family of eleven lives in a small house and we are constantly purging. It would be good if the house was actually “organized” too! Thanks again!

  34. Lisa Beth W. says:

    That looks like a book I would love to learn from! Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. I would love to read this book. I am not naturally organized and with 7 people using the house all day I need lots of help! Thanks.

  36. I need this book! I really hope I win!

  37. Would love this book!

  38. I keep trying to get organized but it feels that something is stacked against me lol! I would love a copy of the book to help me get past my hump

  39. ooooo! I soooo want this book! Sign me up!

  40. Thank you for this opportunity! My family would be ever-so-grateful if I received this book (and read it, of course!)

  41. Looks like just what i need before baby #3 comes!!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  42. Sounds like an awesome book. I would love to win it!

  43. Sigh. I need this book. Visually our home lacks peace on every level.

  44. I need this book! My home is way too full!

  45. This would be great to win! I live in a house almost 800 square feet with a 2 year old and hopefully another on the way soon! I am always looking for help in deciding how to do things in a more organized way! thanks for the chance to win!

  46. I need to simplify!

  47. Just found your blog via a friend’s blog, and feel the need to explore more (and get that book). My home has gotten to be suffocating with all the stuff. Need to find a graceful way to work through things.
    Next stop are the “31 days” posts.

  48. Monica F. says:

    I would really love to have this books. The photograph is wonderful and I could really use the information.

  49. I’d love to win this book (however I liked your ‘before’ laundry room better)

  50. I would LOVE to win Tsh’s book! I’ve been a fan of hers (and yours) for years. I bought her e-book and still use it for spring cleaning each year, but having this one would be so great! Thanks for the giveaway!

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