Yard Sale Thoughts

I’ve been gathering stuff for my yearly yard sale with my mom and sister.  You know, the sale we promise ourselves every year that we will NEVER. HAVE. AGAIN. ?

At first I dreaded all the work. But, over the past few months I had been boxing up stuff I no longer used or needed so as I stared pricing things, it felt good to cleanse our home.  And after all the deep thoughts I’ve had about my precious stuff, I was even more eager to get rid of excess.  I find my self wanting more and more of LESS stuff.

Then, I decided I needed a goal.  Whenever I have a sale, I like to have a goal of what I want to do with the money I make.  We’ve been diligently inching our debt payoff, most of what I make with Nesting Place goes towards bills and debt, and the occasional fall gourd from Michaels.  So I asked my husband what he thought about us using the money to help make our bedroom more us.  As soon as I started thinking about it I got so excited.  I’ve disliked our room for a year.

that pile of stuff goes about 5 feet back to the wall.

I’m not planning on making enough to do a whole makeover but, it sure did help fuel the “let’s sell this, too” fire when I thought about each item I’m getting rid of going towards making our room nicer.  I don’t want to fill it up with stuff but I want to be more intentional about what’s actually in there.

We are having our yard sale Saturday October 2nd at my parent’s house in Lake Park, NC {I’ll post their address as we get closer.}   There is a HUGE neighborhood yard sale that weekend in their hood, the one where I got my dresser and table last spring.  It’s a wonderful place to yard sale.

I’m parting with some vintage Nesting Place items like the Red Checked Mistreatments {6 panels}, all the buffalo check silk, some round decorator’s tables with the toppers, pillows, lamps, my bedroom duvet, mistreatments, bed skirt, a TON of home decor items and wall stuff, Christmas garland galore and of course clothes, and much more.  So far I’ve used 600 price tags. And that’s just my stuff.  My mom and sister have lots to sell too.

selling the drapes.

It feels so good to pack up stuff I no longer use or need.  I hope my stuff finds a happy home.  And I hope our bedroom will look better by Christmas.

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  1. I didn’t know your parents lived in Lake Park. We spend a lot of time over there during baseball season. I’m definitely going to come, just so I can torment all these other ladies. Hee! And I’m guessing that sad, pathetic Anonymous commenter above me is NOT one of your dad’s listeners!!!

  2. Oh my gosh the anonymous poster above : That was very rude grow up and get a life looser!!

    Gosh I am so sorry someone would even think about saying those things to you how awful!!! That blows my mind that people are actually that cruel (yes I bury my head in the sand and don’t know about any wrong doing in the world)

    I will be at your garage sale!! I will make my husband drive me there!! We technically live in Baltimore but we have family in VA!

  3. No. No! NO! Not October 2nd!!!! That is the day we come home from Disney- but not until late that night. No. No! NO! I’m even close to Lake Park…it’s my old neighborhood…Poop. I’m going to go cry now.

  4. Kelly Maher says:

    i would be very interested in purchasing your check silk drapes. I need 4 to 6 panels. How much would you take for them I will even pay the shipping, LOL. Please email me directly if you are interested I have hunted high and low for that darn pattern with no luck. Please consider!! Thanks and God bless!

  5. I vote for an online yard sale, for those of us stuck on the other side of the US.

  6. Michelle Mitchell says:

    OMG! I am cashing out my 401K and heading your way! LOL

    I live about 3 hours away and I would make the trip but it sounds like there are already going to be women fighting in your driveway over those curtains! I think you should put them on ebay and see just how much you get for them. I bet it would be quite a lot!

    Good luck on your yard sale!

  7. WOW!!! I live 5 minutes from you parents house!!! I just found your site and LOVE it!!! I will be there extra early :)

  8. You are not selling the red checked drapes!!! I’m shocked and sad and excited about what you’ll do next! Keep the good ideas coming. I’m not a “natural” decorator, but you have given me so many good ideas and the confidence I needed! Thank you. Wish I lived closer :(. Try to have fun!!

  9. Ugh. We’re having a moving sale this weekend, and I’m so not prepared. I’d love to come to your sale, although I’m not anywhere close!!!

  10. I wish I lived in NC!! I would SO be there! Good luck!

  11. I may just have to drive the 3 1/2 hours from Wilmington to see you :) BUT, I am supposed to be getting rid of stuff not bringing more home!

  12. Renee Sullivan says:

    I would love to know how you organize your time to incorporate so many crafts, decorating, yard sale etc. I am a part time preschool teacher who does florals, mommy, wife, and bookeeper for our business. I would love to participate in trade shows, but I feel I spend most of my time looking for things and then am too pooped to actually get enough made to be able to sell at once. Please send your time management tips my way! Oh I also have 3 boys, one of which is 3, married a meat and potatoes man who likes cooked dinners etc.! You get the picture!

    Thanks for any tips,

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