I admit, I love getting my Pottery Barn catalog in the mail.  I never fail to find inspiration and sometimes some laughs.

Here are some random things I noticed in the current issue.

Big bowls.  Yep, big bowls filled with plants, flowers…

and other stuff.  I think we all would agree that large accessories have more of an impact than smaller ones, but for some reason, when I shop my house, I realized that many of my accessories are micro.  I think part of my problem is that I’m thrifty, and it seems “better” to buy 5 small items for $5 each over time than one large $25 or $40  impact item that I’ll love.  I’m making a mental note to go larger.

Look how simple it is to add a little fall.  Any of us can get that look.  Locate the largest hurricane you can get your hands on, add neutral candles, stick it in a huge terracotta or wood or ceramic bowl and put a few dried, real or pretend {but realistic looking} twigs around it. Stick a fork in it.

One of my personal favorite things to do is to use non traditional, real pumpkins.  Seriously, pumpkins come in all sorts of beautiful textures and colors–why is it that we all gravitate to those bright orange ones?  You can see one of our different pumpkins {we drilled holes in the green one and at night it glowed} on my very first post.  Farmers markets are a great place to find unique and unexpected pumpkin varieties.  They make you look more sofistimicated and rich.  Or at least they look better in your home where orange might not be your favorite color.

It’s official, anything can be painted with chalkboard paint.  I actually love this globe almost as much as these chalkboard horses from Houndstooth Design. Think outside the framed chalkboard.

Pottery Barn was also selling chalkboard painted rocks for $16 for four. Mercy.  Now we have crossed that line.

Beautiful!  Can I get an amen?

This might just be my favorite idea.  I am a sucker for natural things like Spanish moss and I love this mantel.  Although I’m a little worried about the dried moss catching on fire.  You can even buy the moss on ebay. Can you get arrested for harvesting Spanish moss?