10 Ways to Avoid Having a Home You’ll Love

1. Worry that it’s never good enough.

2. Put off doing anything because you don’t know where to start.

3. Aspire to have a home just like the ones you see in the magazines.

4. Tell yourself you don’t deserve it.

5. Assume you can’t have anything pretty because you have kids and not much money.

6. Study up on all of those rules that the real designers tell you not to break.

7. Sulk because you are a renter.

8. Complain because your husband won’t do anything in the house.

9. Be afraid.

10….what am I forgetting?

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  1. Nester, I like this post. It reminds me of a lot of different areas of my life, in different ways. Like #2. Definitely me. :)

  2. #5 is TOTALLY me right now. I am resolving to change that in 2010…

    Wish me luck… :-/

  3. Ohhh…Number 2….Definitely my husband and I. Great post. :)

  4. I’m debating on whether to paint my dining room chairs (well, and reupholster, but that’s not scary). It was an expensive set we bought ten years ago. I think my husband would freak! So that’s my #10.

  5. So true! I must admit that I’ve been guilty of a few, but I’m glad that homeownership has helped me to get over my fears. One thing I’ve learned from other people’s blogs is that everyone has there own style, and it’s okay to not follow “the rules”. Have a great new year!

  6. I love this post. This is super therapeutic and helpful for me. I need a house therapist very badly.

  7. Wow, you’re speaking my language. Maybe I need to learn a new one…? I think this site is WONDERFUL. It is a big encouragement and I so appreciate your openess and willingness to be REAL. Bless You!

  8. This is awesome!!! My friend, Angela, sent me over here, cuz I am in serious need of decorating help. I am totally gulity of just about all of these “ways” and that’s why most of my home isn’t decorated.
    I’ll be visiting you – to learn. Thanks!

  9. How about avoiding doing anything because you’re worried about “re-sale”!!! Our plan was always to spend 2-3 years in our newly built townhouse and then move onto a beautiful single family home to raise our kids. Well, here we are going on 5 years in this home with a 1 and 3 year old. All the bedrooms are “toasted cashew” which I love, but wanted to keep neutral for resale…because we’re moving soon, right? It’s not that I haven’t done things, it’s just that I have always told myself to do projects that wouldn’t be hard to undo at the time we’re ready to put our house on the market.

  10. Super cool post. We all need to kick our negative thoughts in the tush. Fearful thinking is useless and insidious. We need more thinkers like this, especially when it comes to the art of decorating your home, If any of you have this “fearless” attitude, come on list yourself on http://www.diggerslist.com , we can use you!

    Thank you again for the fear check!

  11. I love this!! I’m a realtor and am SO TIRED of seeing the same decorations in almost every home! I also have friends who spend a fortune to make their homes look like magazines (the decorator magazines, not the cool and creative magazines.. It’s sad because their homes don’t reflect their personalities – or do they? No creativity, following the crowd…? The most fun homes to visit are those that are perfectly imperfect and have interesting, creative decor and gardens with a little humor and sense of “home” in them. :) Thank you for sharing this list!

  12. Tracy I agree!! All buyers have different tastes! Not everyone wants the boring. I had a client that I showed a home to that had bright orange shag carpeting from the 70’s in it. I cringed and ALMOST said “yuck” but he (this was so funny) came around the corner walking on his knees saying, “I am knee deep in this shag carpet and I LOVE IT!!!” LOL! He bought it :) I can’t imagine how embarrassed I’d have been if I’d have opened my mouth about it.

    Another client and I were looking at a super messy house – just cluttered to the gills. The client said, “These people live like I do, I want to make an offer on this house!” and she did too.

    Had to share those to back up your post a bit :)

  13. Thank you! Now I better get busy! I have lots to do!

  14. Ok for me step 1. clean up all the clutter – o my gosh I’ve gotten really bad this year.
    2. Stop sulking about my 1 bedroom apartment that is too small for my 100 lb dog, quilting habit, and the husband I stick in there inbetween all the mess :)

    Love this blog – can’t wait to re-create my “home”… appreciate the inspiration! We’re broke, our apartment is tiny, but it can be cute and loved instead of basic and boring… I’ll keep telling myself that :)

  15. I could just hug you for this post. I’ve just discovered your blog, hunting for ideas for my boy’s room, and saw this. I need to print it out, and whenever I feel discouraged and start whinging or making excuses I shall read it and get on with it! Thank you!


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  2. Flowers for hansen-spear ….

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