Remember that Nesting Place ribbon I have that some of you have asked about? Well, if you need some, you can purchase it from Name Makers.

They have all kinds of neat stuff like personalized gift wrap and clothing tags and have caught the attention of some great women like The Oprah, The Martha, and even The Nester.

I just got an email with a 20% off coupon code that says…

Go to to take 20% off most items in the store except for items in the Fabulous Gifts section.

Use the coupon code: marchsale on the final summary page when you check out. Make sure you enter it in all lowercase letters.

This coupon can only be used once per customer. Reduced prices cannot be applied retroactively to purchases made prior to the start of this sale or to purchases made after the end of this sale. This offer is valid for online orders only. This coupon expires Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at midnight EST

So you have over 24 hours to decide what you want. You could get ribbon with “from the Nose Pickers” or whatever your last name is to wrap up gifts with. You could get kid’s paper that says “from the Smith boys”. If you have a business that uses any type of creativity this ribbon is a must! So fly on over to Namemakers–they have lots of great ideas. Here’s what I ordered:

And look how great they go with my mom calling cards that the Domestic Chicky did for me!

I hope that code works–let me know!

PS: for those of you sweet souls who have ordered custom tassels–I am desperately behind. PLEASE find it in your hearts to forgive me. I have almost made a path to my room over to my crafty area. I will have them done by the end of the week–pinky swear.