Painted Stripe Drapes

Inspired by these striped drapes, one of the Nesting Place readers, Jamie, sent us this photograph of her Painted Stripe Drapes that she made from upholstery fabric and house paint. She wanted to have a certain shade so she chose to use house paint instead of fabric paint and painted the stripes in her driveway. Jamie says, “No one can believe they’re painted!”


  1. Jennifer Spadaro says

    Very cool and different. I’m wondering how they wouldnt be hard and crunchy on the striped part? Keep up the great work Nester, I cant believe you have 4 blogs now!

  2. How do I subscribe now? I’ve been a long time subscriber to the Nesting Place and the Nest Files, but the old Nest Files subscription doesn’t include the files posted here. And when I try to subscribe to Window Mistreatments or Content to Rent, only Nesting Place comes up in my google reader. What am I doing wrong? :)

  3. I just posted about the painted stripe drapes that I did in my living room. I was inspired by the drapes in your living room and knew that was what I was looking for for mine. I just love them! I used a paint that is a shade darker than my wall color. They really bring out the wood blinds. Would love for you to come and see them and tell me what you think!

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