Napkin Cafe Curtains

A few years ago Flower Patch Farmgirl made these easy breezy curtains over the sink curtains simply by clicking napkins on ring clips.

Recently, she was ready for a changed so she just switched them out with some different napkins.  SUCH a fun idea.  Go check out her posts to find out all the details!


  1. Eeeeek!

    Oh my word, I’m so lame for commenting first. But I couldn’t help myself.

  2. I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about what kind of cafe curtains I want to make/mistreat and this is GENIUS. Plus I love how you can change them out so easily. I’m having a dilemma b/c I wonder if there is “etiquette” on exactly how far up the window they go. Maybe at least 1/2 way up??

  3. Samsun Rock says

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  4. Such a nice picture

  5. This is a complete setup which I am looking to find because it is in trend now a day. A lot of people buying these sets from for their regular use and I must say them to read reviews about these brands before buy anything.

  6. You make your house beautiful. I love the way you set up everything.

  7. I visit this Cafe once a time. and your employees give me good service. I like it. I also visit this Cafe. He also cares for customers.

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