My Striped Drapes

Let’s talk about my striped drapes shall we?

First the fabric.

I first bought this fabric at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC in March or April of 2010.  The next time I went to Mary Jo’s I couldn’t find it.  I was there again  few months ago I found it in a special part of Mary Jo’s Cloth store. I think it was either discontinued or no longer being ordered.

It says Lacefield Nantucket Sand/White and was $9.99 a yard.  And did you notice that the stripes run vertical?

I fell in love with the fabric immediately last year when I found it.  So I bought 3 yards and clipped it up to my window to see how I liked it.  See how the stripes run?

A week later I had my slipcover party and the Good Lord was merciful on me and somehow prompted me to take a photo the very second that Lily walked up to my window and said, you should hang them this way. It was a moment.  She was completely right and we all gasped at the magical beauty that we witnessed as she turned the fabric 90 degrees.  It was a decorating miracle.  Horizontal, not vertical.

The only problem was that I would have to cut the panel in half and turn each piece 90 degrees and sew it. I knew sewing would be the fastest way to connect the two pieces. So I, the girl who avoids sewing at all costs, went to Mary Jo’s the next day, bought 9 more yards of my fabric.  I brought that home and cut it into 3 yard pieces.  Then I cut each three yard piece down the middle across and rotated each half 90 degrees so the stripes ran across and quickly sewed them back together.  I think I spent 45 seconds on each panel.

Look closely and you can see I’m experimenting with fringe at the bottom, so far I’ve yet to find something I love so they just hang an inch and a half above the floor.  I could lower my rods but, eh, too much work.

So yes, I sewed!

I knew I could probably find different fabric with stripes that ran the way I wanted but, since I already had 3 yards of the fabric, it was the perfect color and it was a good price, I figured I’d just deal with it and whip out my sewing machine.

If you look at the drape right under the mantle there, you can see one of my not perfect edges at the seam.  I didn’t hem, line, weight or otherwise mess with anything other than this one seam.  And, I made the amateur mistake of hanging my rods before I made my mistreatments.  Normally, I can buy whatever length of fabric I want and make mistreatments that way so I just measure the length.  But this time the longest I could have these was about 107 inches which is double the width minus my seam.

So that’s how I made my striped drapes.  Many of you have been even more creative.  Here’s another example of DIY striped drapes created with paint, and here are some made with premade drapes, extra fabric and stitch witchery.

A few days ago a friend of mine called Mary Jo’s and apparently, they still have 20 yards of the fabric left over~you can order it over the phone and they’ll ship it to you.  Hurry and order it if you want it~if you call in and have more information, feel free to leave it in the comments. (704) 861-9100 or 1 (888) 780-7345


As of June 29th rumor has it that Mary Jo’s has less than 3 yards.  But, a fellow blogger is selling some of her exact striped fabric on ebay in a 7 day auction.



  1. It’s gorgeous fabric and I have not tired of looking at them yet :)

  2. I don’t think I could ever tire of those drapes. And I love them so much more with horizontal stripes!

  3. Sockiepuppetsmom says

    I love your striped drapes! They make me happy everytime I see them in a picture :)

  4. These are fabulous and a great backdrop for the pictures I have seen them in so far….and for your home:) I am not at the sewing stage yet but I will be making some mistreatments for our bedroom in the near future thanks to you. Have a great day!

  5. They’re so beautiful!

  6. I need help…I sent you an email, but I know there are some ladies out there who know stuff too…anyone…please…can you help me?

    I want to find some embellishments similar to these

  7. Those curtains inspired a spray paint project I had…

  8. I have admired those curtains in every background shot! (your dog is hilarious, too) Thanks for so many inspirations…

  9. I made some new drapes for my living room, and there was just something wrong. I couldn’t place my finger on it at the time, but now I know it was that I had these drapes stuck in my head. I love them! Thanks for the information! I will be making them soon! I ended up cutting the drapes I made and using them in my kitchen.

  10. Mindi M. says

    I have loved those drapes since the day you first showed them. Along with your home. I’m totally fabric/sewing challenged. Can you tell me what type of fabric it is? Cotton, Broadcloth, Canvas or Crepe? lol I found these names on the Hobby Lobby website under “fabric”. lol I can’t afford to purchase and have the fabric shipped from Mary Jo’s so I’m thinking maybe I can find something similar in driving distance.

    Also, thanks so much for giving me advice on how you deal with white slipcovers and a dog in the house. :-) I couldn’t convince my family to give it a shot but that didn’t matter because the next day I found a near new Ikea sofa at Salvation Army for $75.(with light slipcover) How could I walk away from that? Now it’s in the house and my current sofa is waiting to go up on craigslist. lol

  11. I really love those, the stripes are so bold and cheery and fun. Who knew hanging them horizontally would make such an imact!

  12. “I could lower my rods but, eh, too much work.”

    Love that attitude – it’s just like mine! Imperfections add character, right?
    I love the drapes, by the way!

  13. I’m not tired of looking at them either. They inspired my living room curtains. I made all 4 of my panels for $14. You can see them here:

  14. I have always loved those drapes. They are your signature decorating piece in your ever changing and improving living room!

  15. Gretchen says

    I called Mary Jo’s awhile back to see if they had any of this fabric which of course they didn’t at the time. I found something else that I ended up getting, but I still love yours.

  16. They really are a wonder. God bless Lily.

  17. I googled Lacefield Fabrics and am now ogling this beautiful website. Thank you so much for pointing me in a creative direction!

  18. Thanks for sharing about your window treatments. Horizontal stripes never looked so good, they’re very inspiring!

  19. I can’t tell you how much I love those drapes. I have loved them from day one. As for Lily? Girl, she’s been my BF for 10 years and I’m here to tell you, she is the drape whisperer. The girl has got mad, mad skillz for all things window related. And fabric related. And she can sew faster with nary a patter in sight faster than I can use a hot glue gun. So not fair. Some people just get all the talent. : )

  20. I can’t spell. I meant to type “pattern” instead of “patter.” Need more coffee. : )

  21. Nester – you are so sweet. The drapes look wonderful – so much better than I imagined! I’m so glad I came on here to comment or else I would have missed the Scooper’s lavish praise too! I was going to say I have lots of pitter-patterers in sight when I sew but then I realized you meant pattern! :) LOL. I’m so blessed to know such amazing and talented women. Nester I love how you share all your talent, your finds, and your deals with us. And Scooper, the mad, mad skillz at writing go to you – you’re so gifted, real and FUNNY! :)

  22. I called MaryJo’s on Wednesday morning and when I gave her the fabric name she just laughed. I was the fifth called wanting that material and they only have three yards left. They need you to make something with any of their fabric and then it will sell our for sure. I love your site.

  23. I absolutley LOVE your drapes…when you get tired of them I will buy them from you as they would match my living room perfect….I live in Canada so you would have to mail them to me :-)

  24. I’m fixin’ (like that? FIXIN’) to mistreat my windows for the first time and I’m curious. I know there are not really “rules” to mistreating, but there are 7 rings/clips to a pack. Can I buy just 3 pks and use only 5 on each side for 4 total panels, and it still hang right?

    • yes, 5 would be the minimum number of clips you want to use if your fabric is 54 inches wide, keep it odd numbers, 7 is ideal. Mine have 5 and sometimes the fabric between the clips falls, I should add a few more in to save my sainity

  25. I’ve always loved the drapes in that room! I didn’t realize Lily’s decorating genius was to thank for it! I’ve knew Lily what seems like a lifetime ago, when we were kids living in another country. She’s so creative & talented and I’m so happy that you two met! She’s also responsible for introducing me to your blog, which inspires me to no end. Merci!

  26. I love Mary Jo’s it cracks me up how the whole area around her is being built up and renovated but she is still right there in the middle of it all unchanged. Love it!! I just bought 20?? yards of fabric from her a couple weeks ago to make curtians for my boys rooms. I have spent hours in there.
    AND I love your curtians!!!!!

  27. Gorgeous fabric and perfect colors for your decor! I just had to go and look at my striped curtains to see which way they were hanging, whew horizontal!


  28. Hi Nester,
    I would have trouble finding the right embellishment to add to the bottom edge as well. The only things that come to mind are over sized white pom-poms or a thick ribbon edge. But not sure either of those are options you’d love either. I do have one other thought (possible solution) though. It is to add ribbon (1 length sewn in the middle) at the top (back side of each panel) at the same points you’d use the clip rings. Then tie the ribbons onto the rings allowing for a small drop that would eliminate the length issue at the bottom. Hope you find a solution soon you love!

  29. Just hot glued some strpied faux roman shades…
    You are an inspiration! :)

  30. Kathy Meyers says

    First time on your blog and I love it. How do I sign up?

  31. How my heart went to a pitterin’ when you mentioned Mary Jo’s. There are many things I miss about living in Charlotte, but she (it?) is at the top of the list. Oh, my lost love. Sigh.

  32. I just found your website and am so glad I did. I am a newlywed, married less than one month, and we are broke. I am so sad, because I keep buying what I can afford (curtains, rugs, etc.) and have hand me down furniture, and all I want to do is make my house feel homey and cozy. I love these drapes, but think I should try to paint them or stitch witch fabric to what I currently have to give the impression of what you have. How wide are your tan stripes? I love your blog!!!! Thanks for inspiring me to upstyle my not-so-coordinating and fabulous “stuff”.

  33. I totally love your curtains. I have to make some. How wide are the stripes. I’m thinking around 7 or 8″. Is that right?

  34. Love the pictures and objects in your wall collage!

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  36. good decorating and pictures you have attached

  37. I love your article so much.Thank for sharing this great article.Your room look great preparation.

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