Custom Chippy Hanger

Leen the Graphics Queen found a chippy piece of tongue and groove paneling and added a few glass knobs for a custom window mistreatment for her bathroom.

Hanger Drop Cloth

Yes.  You read that right.  Drapes made from a drop cloth and hung on an antique hanger by Funky Junk Interiors.

Tree Branch Rod

Jane Coslick Designs & Restorations ~ a tree branch for a rod.   Absolutely lovely.

Burlap and Fabric Strips

Curtains made from strips of burlap and various fabrics.  The actual source of the image was lost in the lovely land of Pinterest, but they are hanging in the store, Itty Bitty Bella.

Window Mistreatment Ingredients

The goal of a window mistreatment is easy, pretty and fast.  However, chances are you are going to need some hardware and tools for your new mistreatments.  Here’s a list of some common items used when mistreating. Glue Gun Every home needs a glue gun.  We have both high melt and low melt guns and […]

Rods Made From Electrical Metallic Tubing

Electrical Metallic Tubing may sound like a mouthful but The Tall Chick promises they’re easy to make, sturdy and cost efficient. Follow her step by step instructions and you can’t go wrong.  Don’t forget, you can also use copper pipe for rods!