This ebook is currently under mega construction.  I’m hoping to re-release it for your e readers in the upcoming months.

Do you find yourself discontent in your home? Have you given up, assuming that there is no way you can follow all of the decorating rules, rules you don’t even know? Do you long for a home that reflects what is important to you and your family, welcomes friends, and is an inviting retreat at the end of a long day?

I swiped that paragraph straight from my first ebook, It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful. Those nine words also known as IDHTBPTBB have become my battle cry, my mantra, and the ebook– my manifesto. And I hope you will adopt them as well. {am I the only one who thinks unibomber when I hear the word “manifesto”?}

I know some of you are familiar with my philosophy of a home. I’ve written about it here from time to time. But, I thought it would be helpful to have everything in one spot so anyone can access it all in one place without having to click around. Plus, I added in lots of new stuff. It’s a quick read at only 16 pages and that includes all the photos.

I truly believe that the home where you live in right now can become your dream home. This ebook isn’t a step by step list of rules for you to follow to achieve a perfect home but rather a fun read that will free you to make your home what you want it to be starting now.

Stay tuned, feel free to bug me, I’m hoping to release this ebook again in the near fall 2011 future…