Cure for Common Discontentment

Whenever I think of not being content, I think of Madame Blueberry.  My boys have been too old to watch Veggie Tales for years and years but her story always hit home for me.  Discontentment results from a misguided focus.

Like Madame Blueberry learned, “A thankful Heart is a Happy Heart”.  If you are struggling with being ill content,  it’s really worth clicking and watching this.  And here’s a funny quick reminder if you’ve forgotten…

We’ve all felt disappointed and not content at times. We don’t need to feel guilty about it~just recognize it and then treat it with the cure. Maybe for you that means starting a One Thousand Gifts Journal, because we all have been given over 1000 gifts. Maybe that means giving $3 per month to Mercy House. Maybe you join Mocha Club. Maybe that means sponsoring a child in poverty.

Until we know what we’ve been given, perhaps we will be unable to give.

What can you give away today?


  1. Angela Glidewell says

    Thanks for your post! I need a daily reminder.

  2. Thanks so much, Nester. I needed this today.

  3. Thanks so much for reminding me. Madame Blueberry is so great. My kids are now “too old” to watch her, but maybe I should watch it soon.

  4. I love you. You’re lovely. I needed this reminder.

  5. I ran across your blog today looking for craft ideas. What I found was amazing. After discussing being content where we are…because we are renters who’ve owned our own home but had the dream of owning our own home because society says we are supposed to…we’ve decided to continue to rent. We were very unhappy with our mortgage home because of all the upkeep and time spent fixing everything. ((and let me tell you everything broke!) God works in wonderful and mysterious ways because even though we rent now–we are so much happier with our lives, our family, and each other. This was an amazing blog…thank you!

  6. Loved re-reading this post. As we make decisions about our current rental and our feelings about missing our home with all it’s awesome-ness…….this post makes me come back down to reality and what’s important. Thanks Miss Nester!

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