Cure for Common Discontentment

Whenever I think of not being content, I think of Madame Blueberry.  My boys have been too old to watch Veggie Tales for years and years but her story always hit home for me.  Discontentment results from a misguided focus.

Like Madame Blueberry learned, “A thankful Heart is a Happy Heart”.  If you are struggling with being ill content,  it’s really worth clicking and watching this.  And here’s a funny quick reminder if you’ve forgotten…

We’ve all felt disappointed and not content at times. We don’t need to feel guilty about it~just recognize it and then treat it with the cure. Maybe for you that means starting a One Thousand Gifts Journal, because we all have been given over 1000 gifts. Maybe that means giving $3 per month to Mercy House. Maybe you join Mocha Club. Maybe that means sponsoring a child in poverty.

Until we know what we’ve been given, perhaps we will be unable to give.

What can you give away today?