Burlap Canvas Makeover

Canvas meets hot glue meets burlap meets hot glue meets broken frame meets hot glue meets old spoon. I like the texture and dimension that the nubby burlap and thick frame give my old canvas.  The possibilities are endless. Do you have some parts around your house that could be married together to make something […]

31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 13:: Edit Much

Lately, I’ve asked myself what’s the least amount of items I can have displayed and still love the look? Not that I’m trying to go minimalist or anything, I think you can tell that by my full gallery wall.  But what has my obsession been with much? In years past, I asked myself, How can […]

Man Station:: 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest Day 9

There’s a little area right next to where he walks in at the back door. A dresser drawer or two, a basket, a flat surface and a little cabinet with shelves is all it takes. He can pack it full off all sorts of unsightly stuff.  Pipes, whistles, tape measures, sunglasses, stray bullets, receipts, playing […]


I found this old weathered bicycle basket for $2 while thrifting.  I already have one on my bike but, I bought it anyway not knowing where I would use it. Currently it’s in my office holding random stuff. Don’t let not knowing exactly how you will use something keep you from purchasing a small item […]

Frame It

Old weathered frame for $3 from the Goodwill, white serving dish. Have I told you how much I hate the placement of the light switches in this house?

How to Make a Rag Bag AKA Ragamuffin Bag

When I take this bag out, I get nothing but compliments on it.  I made it in about 12 minutes. Here’s what you need:: A thrift store bag with bamboo handles kind of like this: Strips of all types of coordinating fabric–I like stringy, imperfect textures, but I just used leftovers from my Ragamuffin Garland […]