This Saturday

Don’t forget, this Saturday, over 20 cities are having an I love thrifting meet up at local thrift shops. Check out Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s blog for the list of cities. Rashon {Mr. Goodwill Hunting} and I will be hanging out at the Charlotte meetup at one of the downtown Habitat for Humanity ReStores at 1133 […]

Debt Free Decorating Part 2:: Thrifting

This is the second post in a series about Debt Free Decorating:: Ideas Credit Cards Wish You Didn’t Know, read the first post here. Thrifting is currently my favorite way to add beauty to my home for pennies on the dollar.  I like it because thrift stores have lots of hours as opposed to a […]

Good Things Come in Pears

I found a pair of lamps at my local Value Village Thrift Store. This particular Value Village has not shown me any love in months. I didn’t even want to go in but my husband was looking for T-shirts so, I figured it couldn’t hurt.  And then the angels were singing and there was a […]

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I’ve Got Twins!

Seriously, you knew this was going to be about furniture, right? Welcome the newest edition to the Nest family: a pair of copper velvet chairs from the Salvation Army. Here’s what they looked like before I painted the wood.  Kind of like something from a doctor’s office waiting room.  I was so close to not […]

How to Yard Sale :: For Buyers and Sellers

a tiny percentage of my precious wooden hanger collection When I would go home from college, instead of getting together with friends or going out at night, I’d wake up early and ride in the backseat while my parents drove with me to various yard and estate sales. It was thrilling. Seriously. I’m not being […]

Fur Ottoman

A year ago I bought a boring red ottoman at a yard sale for $5. Snore.  But lovely legs, don’t you think? I get my fur from Mary Jo’s Cloth Store. This is the same fur I used to make the fur wreath years ago. It looks luxurious and the hair is long~the longer the […]

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