Ahh, this is the final planned installment chronicling my love and devotion of Angela’s Painted Cottage, a vacation rental in the mountains of North Carolina that we stayed at a few weeks ago.   I can’t promise I’ll never talk about it again though.  Read part 1 The Painted Cottage, part 2 Good Bones vs Accessories, […]

A Case Study on Case Goods

The other day we talked about one of the things I learned about myself at the Painted Cottage–I tend to rely too much on my accessories to carry a room.  I went on and on about how the bones of a room can be part of the room itself–molding and paneling and flooring and stuff.  […]

Beefed Up Canvas

Remember those inexpensive canvases that my boys painted?  I grabbed one and hot glued it to a deeply framed mirror that I got at a yard sale years ago for $5 and then painted red and then painted white. I found another stray painted canvas and dug out my $10 Hobby Lobby letter stamps and […]

Frame What You Have

I shopped the house and made this piece of wall art. Do you remember seeing that black framed wood in my house before? I bought it years ago and I remember a few weeks after I bought it I tried to return it because I wasn’t in love with it.  But something weird happened and […]

House, the Shop.

I got some comments from this post about my 75 cent little paintings that I’ve had for 15 years.  Some of you couldn’t believe that I keep stuff for that long.  And I do, if I’m emotionally attached to it.  However, there are also quite a few things that I get rid of. I had […]

Lessons on Accessories

accessories on parade Since we busted up some parades yesterday, I though we should talk about good and honorable ways to accessorize.  Let me assure you, I am accessory’s biggest fan.  I love accessories.  I dream about accessories, I am connoisseur of accessories.  Of course, these are all my big fat opinions, they are not […]