Thank You :: Top Referers of 2011

 FishboneDeco 58% of the people who land here at Nesting Place come here because someone on another website told them to. I can’t thank you all enough for linking over.  And I also included the top two social media sites just because I find that fascinating.  Tomorrow, I’ll go a little more in-depth about Pinterest […]

Extra Extra Read All About Me

Today’s top story:: I Finally Got Feeds For Those Poor Neglected Blogs I Started Nest Files Window Mistreatments Content to Rent {maybe one day I’ll have posts too like all those other blogs} There are actually a few things to read at those blogs thanks in big part to my partner in blogging crime, Caroline.  […]

This Saturday

Don’t forget, this Saturday, over 20 cities are having an I love thrifting meet up at local thrift shops. Check out Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s blog for the list of cities. Rashon {Mr. Goodwill Hunting} and I will be hanging out at the Charlotte meetup at one of the downtown Habitat for Humanity ReStores at 1133 […]

How I’m Gonna Run Four Blogs

A few weeks ago this site got a makeover and at the same time I added Window Mistreatments, Content to Rent and The Nest files.  Wanna know how I plan to run them all? I’m going to run four blogs all wrong. I gave myself permission to do it all wrong as soon as I […]


Lisa Leonard Designs this is part two of yesterday’s post You are an expert at something. You can teach us something. {You are thinking of that very thing now, aren’t you?} And for some of you, that something would partner well with an ebook. Have you considered writing an ebook? It’s predicted that this year […]