My Office :: In Transition, Sad and Junky

My office looks like the bottom of my purse. Full of cast offs, forgotten junk and with dirty unchewed pieces of gum floating around. If you are new here, my office is a little building attached to the back of or barn. The barn and office sit about 50 yards away from our house.  Two […]

Have A Sofa You Hate? Here’s How to Love It Today {A VIDEO!}

I’m a sofa hoarder. Once I own a sofa, it’s hard for me to let it go, I’ve got three sofas in the barn that are well over ten years old, one is this beauty slipcovered in white. One is khaki that’s seen much better days, one is denim that actually has rips–just like your […]

Simple Summer Party Decor :: For the Party I’ve Been Dreaming of…

Saturday we hosted a party to celebrate my sister’s book release. This is huge to me, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. Emily invited anyone who wanted to come to throw their name in the ‘hat’ for a free ticket, 50ish people were randomly chosen and they could each bring a guest. We […]

Sofa-Style Daybeds

Shouldn’t all sofas just automatically be a mattress on the bottom? What a wonderful world that would be. Over the past few month we’ve used my office as a guest room so often that I’m considering re-naming it. I haven’t worked in there for ages and it’s so much better suited as a guest cottage. […]

How to Invite People Over When You Live In Your House and it Shows

Three boys. One man. One non-running fixer-upper car on jacks. (because of course) Gravel with grass growing through. Poorly placed power lines. Peeling paint. Half scraped ceilings. Half painted trim. Un-refinished floors. A pair of satellite dishes. 12 acres. One fixer-upper. And one woman who has decided that they should come anyway. ‘They’ being 30 […]

How to Decorate An Event With Flowers Without Spending A Million Dollars on Something That Dies in Four Days

The only new things I purchased for the most recent Barn Event were flowers and plants. These are all pretend flowers, I’m under no illusions that I’m fooling anyone. But, I do have some secret weapons when it comes to adding flowers to a gathering or event…