31 Days :: Enjoy the Seasons

Every chapter of life tells a story in a home.  When it was babies, instead of a lunch basket in the refrigerator, we had a diapers and wipes basket under the coffee table.  Now, we have a container of sharpened pencils. My youngest is nine years old.  He’s halfway though ’till you know what.  And […]

31 Days :: Don’t Put Stuff Where It Belongs

Have I ever shown you the inside of this hutch? It’s part homework station, part holding area for a few of my husband’s books that he uses downstairs. Instead of putting what’s expected in each area of your home, pay attention to how your family uniquely uses your home.  Then, put stuff where you actually […]

31 Days :: The Floor is Not To Store

Do you have things stored on the floor that have been there so long that you don’t even see them anymore?  I know I do.  Look around each room for items that have purposely or accidentally found a home on the floor that don’t belong.  That stack of magazines, school book bags that are on […]

31 Days:: A Review

Nester’s House of Less Messiness Big basket for super soft queen size blanket that can warm the entire family while we snuggle/watch The Middle on the sofa. Something less annoying than a cardboard box to corral our wandering remotes. Big huge lined laundry basket–the only thing large enough to contain all of their ever growing […]

31 Days To A Less Messy Nest :: Accessories, for People & A Giveaway

I’m putting this photo of our bedroom {in makeover process} at the top of this post because because I don’t want to put this photo at the top of the post.  This is the other side of my closet.  My weakness. The top of my dresser.  And I just cleaned it off about 36 hours […]

31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 21:: Enjoy the Beauty Marks

I love that painted white thing that hangs on our mantel. I’ve dropped it 87 times. It’s broken. In more than one place. I like to think of the cracks and chips as beauty marks.  Marks that prove the item is loved just like the Velveteen Rabbit. You don’t really notice it when it’s surrounded […]