Diagnosing a Funk

A few weeks ago I realized I was in a funk. Which surprised me and made me feel a little guilty. I mean, we just bought a little house that I’ve been dreaming of for years. We get to redo a kitchen and I picked out pure white cabinets, we live in the country what […]

Because I’m a Hermit, I Shop Online

There’s a new little site that might make your online shopping and organizing of gifts a little more uncomplified. What if Pinterest and online shopping had a baby? They kind of did and it’s Luvocracy. So many times I’ve used Pinterest to pin potential gift ideas (or maybe even something for myself) and finally, one […]

On Keeping Company

We have our first overnight guests this weekend. A family of five, dear friends. And this little kitchen-less house feels nekked and there are wires and no walls and no appliances and not enough seats to sit in.  And I was going to work on my own post for today. But then I read this […]

Knowing the Difference

viral pictures Sometimes making do with what you have is a smart choice. Sometimes making do can be downright dangerous and leave a bad taste in your mouth. The trick is knowing the difference. Smart Make Dos I’ve done: Making a Chalkboard Fireplace Surround Using duct tape on the walls Making a plastic spoon laurel […]

A Bathroom Story

The following is a guest post from my dear friend Ellen who blogs at Sweetwater.  She’s of the many people I met online first, then an in person friendship grew. Plus–she’s the person who introduced me to Pinterest years ago! Ellen’s home inspires me, she is younger than me but wiser than me and she […]

Living With Less

(click the image to view it larger) Image source: www.masters-in-human-resources.orgclick on the image to read