home on purpose

source I love pretty things as much {or more} than the next girl.  Which is exactly why I need to remind myself of this.  Happy Sunday, I hope you collect something today that no one can

One Word You Don’t Want

formal dining room, unsourced on pinterest   You thought I was gonna tell you what that word is, right?   Nope, once again you get to decide.  I’ve loved this post Darlene wrote about how she figured out she didn’t want her home to be cute. She likes cute things in other homes, but it […]

The Beauty That Is

  It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. It’s been the tagline here for almost five years.   And I believe it’s true.   Does that mean I think a messy house can be beautiful?  Sometimes. But an overly messy house doesn’t usually meet my goals & purpose for my home so unfortunately, most […]

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31: It’s Really Not About the Stuff

girl’s weekend If I want my home to be a place of connection, I’ll ask genuine questions and get to know the people in my home. If I want my home to be a safe place to make a mistake, I’ll lower my standards for myself first, be forgiving of my own mistakes, laugh at […]

31 Days:: What No One Ever Says

the purpose of home

Yesterday we talked about the purpose of our home. Take those words. The ones you thought of after reading yesterday’s post, and look around your house.  Do the words you choose describe the space? Start with one room, maybe the family room.  Are you accomplishing the goal you have for that room? Here are some […]

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31 Days :: What’s The Purpose?

The purpose for our homes change with each season of life. But in order to have a home that serves your family well, it helps to think of the overall purpose of your home. Right now, I want our home to be nurturing.  A place of learning and learning how to learn.  A safe place […]