Accessory Recovery


The first step on the road back to into normal life after taking the 30 day accessory free challenge (or as Alana called it, the Tchotchke Challenge) is to introduce your forlorn accessories back into your home. When you do you will be surprised at what annoys you. You will experience a mix of grief and sheer happiness that the things that you assumed made your home finished and pretty don’t matter as much as you thought.

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30 Days Without Accessories :: Your Thoughts

During the month  of June I cleared out most of my accessories (read about it here) and asked if anyone wanted to join me. Here’s what I learned in my 30 Days Without Accessories:: 1. I Rely Too Much on Accessories A few years ago I realized that I was addicted to accessories. It can […]

Making Space for Friends

A year and a half ago a group of nervous friends met up at a conference. Our time together was so life-giving that we planned on getting together more often. I volunteered my house and last year we had a girl’s weekend complete with a baloondalier. This year was different, every year will be. Emily […]

Beautiful Distractions Too

Confession. I pulled three pillows out purely for looks. You know how the other day I told you about how when I removed all my pretty beautiful distractions I saw things that were undone and magically, I felt like doing them so I’ve been getting some quick little projects done that I had put off […]

Beautiful Distractions

Yesterday astonished me. I completed two, yes TWO housey type projects that I’ve been procrastinating for a while. I’ve been putting off one of them for months. MONTHS I tell you!


Remember how I told you that there was no perfect month for me to ever do my 30 Days Without Home Accessories Experiment? I couldn’t have been more right. Instead of enjoying a house in the midst of exhaling I’ve had my head buried in my computer for the last 10 days working on edits […]