This is the story of how I learned to simplify because I had no other choice.

We don’t have a laundry room, we have a weird little back porch where most people enter our home. It’s completely enclosed and slightly insulated. Within that porch, there’s a little bathroom.

When we first moved here that bathroom had a shower, but we decided that would be a great place to tuck in a tiny laundry area complete with no storage, no utility sink and no miles or even inches of folding surface. We stacked the washer and dryer and this setup has worked fine for us for the past eight years.

Having a tiny laundry area mean we had to adopt some habits, here are my two best tips:

1. Everyone stores their dirty clothes in their own room until they bring their basket down to do their own laundry. (Our boys have been doing their own laundry since late elementary school, if they can do Minecraft, they can learn the wash cycles).

2. We limit the cleaning products to as few as possible, in containers I don’t mind looking at because everything is on display over the unphotogenic toilet in the corner.

I’m loving all the laundry options from Grove Collaborative they are beautiful to look at, clean like a dream and are sustainable products that don’t harm the environment.

I’ve been using their dryer balls for years but just recently switched over to Grove Co. laundry detergents sheets, SHEETS!!! and if it’s not too dramatic, let me tell you, these detergent sheets will change your life! No more measuring, pouring, and storing bottles mostly full of water.

Look at those laundry sheets front and center, 30 washes worth of detergent has never take up less space! They are premeasured and instantly dissolve in the washer (even in our well water).

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*Please note that Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska

*I’m thrilled to partner with Grove as an affiliate