I might never win an award for having the cleanest house, but I do have a simple, tidy home that reflects each season. If you’re looking for simple advice from someone with a clean-enough home, here are four of my favorite spring cleaning tips:

  1. A D.E.S.Y in Every Room

The D.E.S.Y (Designated Empty Surface,Yippie!) is my secret super power.

When you have one surface in each room that you declare to be decor-free, you’ll always have a welcoming surface available to hold your next project, pile of laundry to fold, lunch or sleeping cat. The D.E.S.Y isn’t always empty, the goal is that it’s always available to serve you.

Not only is a D.E.S.Y. crazy functional, when not in use, it’s visually so quiet and peaceful to have an empty surface.

Deciding to allow some naked, empty surfaces in our home magically makes the house feel cleaner year round and for me it’s become almost a luxury. My kitchen D.E.S.Y. is the island. I’ll allow things to live on the sink deck, but not on the island itself.

2. Bring in Spring

For me, part of having a fresh, tidy spring home involves simply walking around our yard and cutting anything that’s blooming or green and then putting it in a vase, a bowl, or a pitcher of water. It adds instant spring freshness, it’s free, and it’s more fun than scrubbing toilets.

3. Incorporate Spring Scented Cleaning Supplies

Yes, I change up our hand soap and counter spray each season, it’s such a simple way for your home feel like spring even if the temperatures are freezing and the flowers have yet to bloom.

We’re all washing our hands a million times a day and wiping down the counters anyway, why not bring in a delightful spring scent? I’m currently using the new Orange Flower & Wild Honey scent from Grove Collaborative and it smells exactly like you hope it does.

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PS, that brass mister and the garden clippers are also available from Grove, they have skincare, pet items, cleaning supplies, vitamins, and so much more for your home.

4. Set a Timer for 15 Minutes and Clean Like Heck

Yes, everyone shares this tip.

Do you know why everyone shares this tip? Because it works!

It’s powerful and over half the time I set a timer one of two things happen: I either finish what I’ve been dreading in less than five minutes OR, I see such big results that I choose to keep cleaning beyond the timer. I love being able to trick myself into getting things done.

Get yourself a pretty timer, I promise this will make you want to display it and then you’ll actually remember to use it.

PS, if you’re wondering what type of items are available at Grove Collaborative, here are some of my favorites perfect for spring:

*Please note that Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska

*I’m thrilled to partner with Grove as an affiliate