This is the surprise favorite deal of the year.

Six customized bottles of wine for $29 SHIPPED! and last time it sold out fast.

There was a deal ALMOST this good a few months ago and Chad and I bought the wine and I shared it on Instagram and SO many of you went crazy for it too.  

Well it’s back! Basically you’re paying $5 per bottle for six award winning wines. You take a quick quiz to get your best matches (they’ll show you what your matches are before you commit). Then you place your order (yep, free shipping on this, AND for a year if you order again). First Leaf is a wine CLUB so if you don’t want to receive another order, simply go into your account (click “Account” in the top right after you order and cancel and pause your shipments.)

It will look like this image above once you pause.

We stayed on for a few months and received a few shipments, then paused it, and we’ll probably start up again in the future. You can choose how often and IF you want future shipments. 

Although we don’t drink a ton of wine, I love keeping it in the house for gatherings, I adore a good sangria and having extra wine around for that is ideal, AND, it makes a  fantastic gift for housewarming, neighbors or just to keep around to bring to dinner at someone’s house.

I always tie a huge ribbon around the bottle and that’s all you need! A fancy $5 gift!

PS, this offer is limited by quantity, and time. Meaning, that it’s scheduled to be available through November 30th, BUT, last time they sold out 36 hours early. No guarantees it will last this time.

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