Since we’re getting closer to October 31, I wanted to share some fun but not too creepy Halloween ideas for your home. I know my boys always LOVED any and all decor, especially for Halloween, here are a few simple ideas I thought you might enjoy.

Jenna Sue’s tastefully spooky exterior, she’s got a ton of ideas and sources here. 

Joni shared some inspiring photos of her front porch and exterior--I didn’t see any tutorials but sometimes the best inspiration doesn’t come with directions. 

My three halloween decor staples are:

  1. creepy cloth (for best visibility, use black against white backgrounds and white cloth if you’re putting it on a dark background like a black fence or green bushes)
  2. a black crow or two
  3. drippy black candles –I can store it all in a gallon ziplock bag!

Want more simple Halloween and Autumn ideas? Check out my Cozy Minimalist Autumn Pinboard.  

Don’t forget to create a fall playlist--here’s a link to mine to get you started.

PS, if you want more seasonal inspiration, check out my new book: Welcome Home!