The end of August marks that weird, transitional time of year when it’s still as hot as it was in June and July, but vacations are winding down and kids are starting to get back to some type of school.

 The truth is, Sweater Weather or not, my summery life of 2020 is coming to a close.  

Our youngest moved to college two weeks ago, our oldest moves back in a few days. 

Changes like that deeply affect how we need our house to function.

I can fuss all I want about it still being 90 degrees outside (true) and insist that I won’t make any changes in my home until the official beginning of fall on September 22, but thinking like that proves that the only thing I take into account when it comes to making seasonal changes in my home is temperature and visual decor. 

Creating a seasonal home is so much more than that.  

It’s about paying attention to seasonal rhythms, and how you need your home to serve you and your family.

Is this a transition time for you as well? 

Even if the kids won’t be leaving the house for school, even if you live alone and don’t have kids, you’ll probably need your home to serve you in different ways in the coming months than it did last month. It’s our job to pay attention to that and adjust accordingly. 

Also, I think it’s so fun to work with my home, making changes so it can look great and function at the highest level.  

Walk through each room and ask yourself a few questions: 

1. What new or different activities need to happen at home in the next few months? 

2. Are there any rooms, or parts of a room that aren’t being fully used, if so, would it make more sense for the purpose of that room change temporarily or permanently? 

3. Do I have the best seating, surfaces and storage in each room for the activities each room needs to host?

When our boys were younger I figured out a Back to School Secret Weapon.   

We had years where we homeschooled, public schooled and did a university style school. No matter what kind of school our boys attended, our home always looked very different in late August compared to July. Because we needed it to serve us differently.  

Here’s to an ever-changing home!

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