Thirteen years ago I moved away from my sister to a new town.  

I missed her, so I read her blog and out of loneliness and too much time on my hands I stumbled upon all sorts of other blogs. I discovered that the online world was full of fun, creative women who I felt like I had known forever.

 I started reading Pioneer Woman’s blog and couldn’t get over the community and conversation that I saw happening in her comments. I wanted to be able to leave my own comments and have a clickable place for people to come back to and see I wasn’t a killer. 

So I started Nesting Place, a blog named after my small business where I styled a local bakery and sold wares on Etsy. 

There, I talked about how I was making our home. And I was shocked that instead of being laughed at for creating DIY “window mistreatments” the community embraced what I was doing and wanted more.  

Now I’m still writing almost daily (though not all of it is instantly published online or in a book or read by people at all), my third book will release this fall, and my entire business is based on communicating through the written word whether in an email, on Instagram or in a book.

 I actually write for a living! Crazy!

Looking back, I know there was one thing that kept me continuing to write all these years.  

There was one thing that made the difference between my writing fizzling out, and moving forward with purpose.

That one thing was people. 

And no, I’m not talking about the readers, although readers are WONDERFUL! 

The most influential part of my writing journey can be traced back to a private Facebook group of like-minded writers. At the time, I didn’t even use Facebook, but I thought it would be fun to connect with a group of writers and I cannot imagine what my life today would look like if I didn’t take that seemingly risky step. My sister was part of that group too, along with a bunch of other writers just like us trying to figure things out.  

That group, started in 2009, was a safe place for me to realize what my questions were, ask those questions, and mostly to see what was possible. 

The number one most important thing you can do for your writing is to take it seriously enough to surround yourself with other people who have the same passion, questions and goals. 

I believe that is true for anything that’s important to you.  

If you love to decorate, find a group of like-minded people. 

If you love to read mysteries, find a group of like-minded people. 

If you’re into competitive iced coffee making, yep, find like-minded people.

This concept of having a safe, like-minded group of writers made such an impact on my sister, that today, she co-hosts a group just like this for writers in all stages of their writing journey.  

Emily P. Freeman, my baby sister and Wall Street Journal best selling author of FIVE (5!) books is the ultimate encourager for writers. I’m proof, because she’s coached me through every writing decision I’ve ever made.

TODAY, she’s hosting a free webinar to help you:

Discover your writing rhythm,

Uncover your creative call,


Finally bring your writing to life in only 20 minutes a day.

Click here to save your spot for the webinar with my sister. If you are reading this after the live webinars, you can still sign up and watch a replay here.   

If the idea of writing is something that always makes your heart skip a beat, what would it look like for you to take one small step forward? 

You don’t have to have a dream to write a book, quit your job and buy a vintage typewriter or even have the courage to call yourself a writer yet. 

Maybe your next right step is simply signing up for this webinar?

Maybe your next right step is to check out this community of writers?

Well, I hate to end this abruptly, but that’s all I have to say about writing.  

For those of you who have asked me about my writing journey as you move ahead on yours, I don’t take it lightly that you trust me with this question. I promise, if you feel like writing should be part of your life, it’s worth the risk to follow that dream and take it seriously. 

Here’s to you, your home and your writing

PS: My sister is a cohost and a cofounder of hope*writers along with our Dad (also a writer!) our friend Brian (yep, he’s a writer too) and, back in the day, years ago, I was an original co-founder of hope*writers as well.

I stepped away two years ago after reading the book The One Thing and realizing that my One Thing wasn’t encouraging writers, but encouraging women in their home. Which is why I won’t be talking about writing again for a long time, have questions? Ask my sister!  Ask the hope*writers! I still learn from and love their community!