Have you ever wished you had a stylish best friend, bossy big sister, or a like-minded next door neighbor who could help you with all your decorating decisions?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just snap a photo of your family room and send it to her for advice, knowing that she’ll point you in the right direction?  

Books are amazing resources that often help us make changes in our head,

classes are super motivating and I find they change my heart,

but community is where the most change happens through our hands.

It’s true, the best way for you to make hands-on changes in your home is by being surrounded by other like-minded people who are actively making changes in their home too.

For the past few months I’ve been quietly working on a place for us. And it’s my favorite thing EVER.

I created a place where Imperfectionists and Cozy Minimalists like us can hang out and apply decorating truths together.

This community is for:

✖︎ People like us who are actively making changes in our home.

✖︎ People like us who fall hard for beauty but don’t want to get tripped up over insisting on perfection in our home.

✖︎ People like us who want more style with less stuff.

We need a safe place to ask questions, share our progress and apply decorating truths to our home. Together.

It’s full of high value decorating advice with a teeny-tiny price.  

It’s where I plan on spending lots of time with you.

Doors are now open to join our private Cozy Community.  

I hope to see you there!

xo myq