the style files

The warm, the cool.

The simplicity, the details.

The stillness, the movement.

The cozy, the minimal.

To me this image has it all.

And depending on which style and trend forecasts you read (forecast, forecast, and forecast), it could all be on its way out.

old brand new

At the Emily Henderson blog they recently said that Modern Maximalism trend is here to stay for a while, and at first I cringed.

Internally my mind was screaming–NOT YET!

I’m still enjoying the quiet simplicity I’ve finally been able to add to our home thankyouverymuch.

After working so hard to find my own style while using less, decluttering and enjoying some cleared off spaces, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to maximalism, no matter how on trend it becomes.

But the truth is, maximalism and minimalism are not trends and are not styles.

They are tools we use in our home to help us achieve a style, a lifestyle, a purposeful setting where we live our lives.

We will always need both simplicity and abundance.

In in 2019, aim for timeless goals at home

  • A home cozy enough to comfort, yet simple enough to help us de-stress.
  • A home with life-giving spaces that don’t require constant attention.
  • A home that represents your unique style, no mater what the year.