I’ve had lots of questions about this photo when I posted it on Instagram so I thought I’d share a few available resources.

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wood hoop

I have the 24″ hoop inside on our hearth, and outside we have the 36″ hoop. I love the simplicity and how it shows off the texture and beauty of the wood. Bonus, in our rooms that can easily be filled with straight lines, it’s nice to balance it all with a circle full of wood.


c9 string lights

I like the white ceramic bulbs because from far away they look larger than the clear bulbs. I only need two strands of these on my tree (instead of like 10 strands of twinkle lights). I love the vintage look and now lighting up the tree isn’t a big chore. I’ve also been curious to try these.


tufted ottoman with metal base

I’ve had this for a few years and it’s so versatile. Normally we keep it in the bay window area, but every winter we pull it out in front of the fireplace. It’s perfect paired with::



faux sheepskin rug


This rug will transform your ottoman or bench, table, sideboard or back of chair into the coziest winter spot. See how I have it draped over the ottoman in the first photo when you scroll to the top? Since it’s a rug with a suede backing, it will stay in place. Everyone in our house, including the cats enjoys sitting on it in front of the fire.

straight black taper candles


black pillar candles

Paired with metal, wood or white candle sticks, black candles make a statement and look great light.


pair of knit stockings

or another cute style in a 4 pack 

I’ve collected a mixture of neutral stockings. Did you know there’s not a rule against changing out your stockings? You don’t have to keep the same ones you picked out 13 years ago. I like to mix in one or two splurge stockings with the less expensive ones to keep things interesting — Anthropologie always has some statement stockings.


bolster pillow (most similar)

bolsters in lots of colors (less expensive)

I found my single bolster at a thrift store. A single bolster on one side of the ottoman reminds me of those fancy high-class benches you see on Instagram.

Our tree is a live Noble Fir from Pike’s Nursery. It’s been pruned at a young age on the farm, I think they called it “layered”. We’ve also had a Silver Tip Fir that was similar with even more drastic layering and I liked it even more than the Noble. I love the simplicity and the fact that you can see the ornaments and frankly, it requires a lot less decor to fill it up. Two boxes of ornaments and two strands of C9s and we’re done!

Here are a few faux first that are similar:

Faux Silvertip Fir

Faux Noble Fir

Alpine Balsam Fir


And another photo of my house…


The chair (also on the cover of my book) is from Curations Home (although I think they have stopped manufacturing it).

sideboard (out of stock but cheaper)

in stock but more expensive


I have three pieces from this collection and I LOVE the simple yet sturdy style. They’ve held up great and are shipped fully assembled.  Amazon carries it the entire collection here.


this is folded over the chair in the photo above

It’s a table runner and I love using table runners over ottomans, chairs, as wall hanging and of course as table runners.

lindsay letters // the art bar

Instead of using lots of small Christmas decor that has to be carefully packed away in bins, I love adding Christmas art to our home. It makes a big statement and at the end of the season I just hang it on a nail in the basement closet.




All the photos above are very much my style, and maybe it’s your style too or maybe it’s not.

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