Your husband doesn’t want to talk about decorating decisions and that makes you mad.

You think it’s because he doesn’t want you to change anything in your home but maybe, he’s exhausted from your indecision and doesn’t want to see you frustrated anymore because he loves you.

So he tells you to keep it all the same.⠀

Your next home project starts with your last one. If your last project ended with you in tears, the dog hiding in the corner and you hating everything, no one in your house is going to be up for another project anytime soon. Probably not even you.⠀

If you want your family to know that home projects make you happy, then your job is to be happy when you do home projects.⠀??

This time, start small. Start with a tiny risk. Move a chair, paint a $5 yard sale table, buy the big pillows but keep the receipt just in case.

When you get something right in the house your one job–be utterly, undeniably happy.

Before long, even the dog will get on board with your next project.⠀