One Room Challenge Reveal

It’s reveal day for the One Room Challenge!

Welcome! In case you missed it, my One Room is a catch-all back porch addition. It does have heating and air and a bathroom, so even though we call it a porch, it’s actually part of the square footage of our house. And because of the way our driveway is configured, the door in this room serves as the entry way for 99% of the people who come to our house.

When guests walked into our home before the ORC, they were greeted with our washer and dryer and my cleaning supplies along with a bunch of random stuff. Womp, womp.

Now, you walk into the porch and it truly feels like an intentional part of the house.

We’ve got beautiful, bright white, narrow storage in the form of this lovely library to hide all the randomness. And an invisible table that adds a surface without adding visual weight. The rug softens and warms up the tile floor.

The chandelier and the cedar wall really set the tone for a country meets modern feel.

The armoire is the perfect place for jackets, hats extra shoes and random tools that we don’t want to look at.

This room is ALL about the function which honestly, I kind of hated because it was really limiting in my options on what I could use.  In a way it was a really good challenge for me to make the smallest, most function heavy room in our house into a welcoming space. This was the most difficult space I’ve ever had to create.

I debated not incorporating our recycling bin until after the ORC because who wants to look at a trash can during the One Room Challenge, but y’all, this is real life, we recycle and the bin has to go in this room. I felt like you deserved to see it. Luckily I found the perfect option here.

If I’m ever invited to join the ORC again, I’ve vowed to myself that I’ll do a bigger room that doesn’t center around storage. But I’m also really happy that I was able to finish this room with such amazing pieces because now, our entire first floor of this fixer-upper is finished! It’s been three and a half years since we moved in and to have the first floor done is a huge accomplishment.

I cannot believe that this tiny space is so cozy and so finished.

I added in a little quirk with the candleholder from Candelabra, artwork from minted and the porch light fixture — a miniature version of the porch lights on the exterior of our house.

Besides the rug, all of the interest in this room is up high. This room has the highest ceilings in our house and since the room is small, I didn’t want to have much on the floor. So I took advantage of the height and added most of the personality of the room above eye level. It’s a great way to work in style without crowding the precious floor space.

So there’s a lot going on in one area of this room, and not a lot on the other side. In person it really balances itself out since it’s so small and you see it as on cohesive space. Plus it’s very bright in this little room, so even though the rug and cedar wall are dark, the room is full of natural light all day.

We moved the washer and dryer into the little bathroom on the other side of the porch–we removed a shower stall that we never used and it was the perfect size to tuck away the laundry area.

belly baskets // mini cowhide

I’m in LOVE with this cloud art from minted. I think it’s meant to hang sideways but I needed something tall, and clouds look great from every direction. The little garden stool is from Target, but I can’t find it anywhere online.


We love this amazing cowhide chair from Candelabra who went the extra mile to make sure we had a little bit of country represented in our room when the original chair I wanted was out of stock. It’s super well made and sturdy and easy to move around if you are taking off your shoes or just sitting at the little table to clean out your bag.



hand vase

If you have questions, ask in the comments, and check out the previous weeks:

It’s been such fun to transform our little space into something that serves our family so well. I’m eternally grateful for Linda, creator of the One Room Challenge, House Beautiful and the gracious sponsors –without their generous contributions, this room would still look like the cleaning aisle at the grocery store.

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  1. Great job, it turned out cute!!!

  2. Wow! Just…WOW! I think you deserve to win this, because of the CHALLENGE part of the ORC. You were challenged by the awkward shape of the space AND its multi-functionality. This little space functions like the hard-working kitchen blender of your home, and you made it gorgeous!! So exciting to see the transformation!

  3. Erin in CO says

    oh my GOODNESS!!! I LOVE IT!
    Great job, Myquillyn! You are amazing…

  4. Hannah Beth Reid says

    My jaw literally dropped wide open up on seeing the first after picture! It is so lovely and functional!

  5. Debbie Morgan says

    Very nice but like so many other bloggers that started out budget design for all of us, cost of this room is untouchable. ☹️

  6. Looks beautiful! Can you tell me where you got your dustpan & brush combo?

  7. That cedar wall is stunning!! Such a grand entrance now, beautiful job!

  8. Love that chandelier! You’re definitely right, it does set the tone for the room. Your art work, so so pretty! Great job!

  9. I am so impressed with how you pulled all the awkward angles into a functional and warm retreat. I love how you can sit at the desk and look out the window while waiting for the laundry. Great job!

  10. I can’t love this space more! It’s such a fun, beautiful and functional welcome into your home. So inspired as usual?

  11. It looks REALLY lovely! It’s so welcoming and a great way to store your things out of sight!

  12. I’m not usually very good about commenting and I’ll admit a post or two ago, I thought you had lost your mind! ;). But what do I know? It really looks great and makes sense. I must have missed the fact that the washer and dryer were going to be moved. And even though yes, it’s totally out of my budget, I have some inspiration for a couple of things I can do in my own space.

  13. There is so much storage in this room now, and it’s totally living up to its intended purpose! Looks great too :)

  14. This room is bright, bold and beautiful! Basically, all ORC rooms should be this cool :)

  15. You’re right. That is a HARD room to do (lovely limitations, anyone?) but oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous and a workhorse. Love, love, love the end result. Bravo! And what a hug surprise gift that your washer / dryer fit in that shower space!

  16. It looks great!

  17. This is amazing and thank you so much for choosing my artwork to help complete your space!

  18. Christine Curwood says

    I love the mirror. Where did you find that? Thank you!

  19. Love it! You did a beautiful job here! I do miss your more frugal pieces as I’m very inspired by your rental and how you did things on a budget, but I LOVE your ideas! You have such a gift!!! xoxo Aly

  20. Haven’t visited your blog in quite awhile (used to read ALL the time when you lived in your rental) but wanted to compliment you on this lovely makeover. The cedar shingles and rug are both amazing pieces…and the cowhide chair! Fun to see your spaces again :)

  21. Lori Clark says

    I’m new to your blog, but like almost everything I see. Just bought your book as well. I need some help with a dilemma in my home. We live in a small house and still own the large sofa that we’ve had for years. It’s time to replace it because it’s old and too big for our home. My husband is resistant because I want to downsize to something smaller, but he likes to sleep on it. Can you suggest a medium sized sofa (he’s short) that will meet both our needs? Maybe a source where I could find one? Thanks for you help!

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  23. Great job. The way you change kitchen and entrance is amazing.

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