One Room Challenge Week 3 :: The Cedar Wall

Yee haw, we’re past the boring part of my One Room Challenge!! (see the boringest part here and week one here).

We’ve got a feature wall people, and it’s cedar shingles.

Now for the backstory…

Here’s a way-back-when photo of the room we are working on. I took this photo shortly after we moved in and the reason why I wanted to you see it is way up there at the top of the photo above the washer and dryer–see those wood planks? Those are cedar.

This room is an addition and this house was a cedar covered house when it was first built. Since then it’s been covered in white vinyl siding, but this one little area of the house still had the original cedar.

What did I do with that cedar?

I painted it. Womp. And yep, I do regret that. But at the time, to preserve a three foot high wall of cedar at the top of a 12 foot wall where every other wall and the ceiling were being sprayed with paint was just not something I could deal with. Plus, we had a full cedar bathroom so I was good.

But now that we are focusing on this room again, I wanted to bring some of that cedar back, this time in the form of shingles–we just bought them in stacks from Lowe’s. At first I was just going to do the top part of the wall where the original cedar was, but I liked it so much that we decided to bring it down the entire wall.

So it went from this…

to this

The great thing was that we didn’t even have to worry about the wall underneath, we knew we were going to cover it up so when we replaced what we tore out, we just nailed up some scrap wood that we had.

Meanwhile, I insisted the cedar look imperfect so Sean purposely nailed the shingles up cattywampusly to make me happy. And happy I am.

I want to make a statement even in a small room and this wall treatment is the perfect nod to the old cedar house and quirky character we love. And, it emphasizes that this room is an addition–which I like (and we’re planning on adding some more cedar shingles around the property to tie it all in together). Plus, it was the perfect backdrop for the signature piece of the room that I cannot wait to share with you next week.

Here’s a refresher on where I’m headed–I’m planning on lots of storage!


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  1.!! I love how this is done and love how it’s kinda messy – it totally makes it!! Im sure the room smells good too from all the cedar :)

  2. What a cool wall treatment – love your creativity!

  3. So fun!! It reminds me of a cabin at the lake, love it!

  4. Wonderful!

  5. Kim @ Irishman Acres says

    GIRL! I love it so much! And tell me that your cat is preggers again, or just chubby, haha!?
    I can’t wait to see it complete, but this just as is, is kinda simple and perfect ! :)

  6. Sharon Warren says

    Quirky is so good! Totally the unexpected, and yet the perfect nod to the rooms original heritage. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  7. what a great textured feature wall! love it!

  8. I have never seen an accent wall like this and I adore it! Such a unique and cute flair. The fact that you had them put up catty-wompus makes it even better. Can not wait to see how the rest of this room comes together and what other spaces in your home you choose to put this wall treatment!

  9. please never stop showcasing the cats. it’s just awesome. xoxo

  10. The messy look goes against my OCD but can’t wait to see what you do with this fun space. You have great style! Love the floor!

  11. Wow, it looks amazing! Well done!

  12. Wonderful! Totally the unexpected, and yet the perfect nod to the rooms original heritage. I can’t wait to try this

  13. I have to admit, I was not sure about this, but I really love it for your home. It’s great that you brought back the original cottage charm. Looking so good.

  14. Wow – I love it!

  15. The house was awesome but in my opinion the cedar should have been left as it is . There is a saying that variety is the spice of life.
    So when one stays in the house for too long it tends to get monotonous and hence should be redone once in 5-7 years to bring an excitement back in ones life

  16. Loving this series since we have some awkward spaces to deal with. This is going to look amazing! Also, you might want to delete some spammy comments on here, that’s up to you, do you use a spam filter on your website? I’m pretty sure the Askemit plugin does that.

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  18. ow for the backstory…

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  20. Awesome great i loved it wonderful job kept up………….!

  21. The design is beautiful and subtle

  22. So it was nice thing.

  23. No way! What an amazing wall panel. How long did tat wooden back panelling take? It not only looks rustic but ages well!
    Well done you!

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