A Tour of My Parents’ House


Two years ago my parents bought a fixer upper, it was a huge project and I promised you that I would share the afters…

Here’s what it looked like when they bought it.

This house was a complete gut job. They put in a new roof, windows, plumbing, walls, kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, lighting, siding–they even enclosed a carport to add a family room and put electricity in the little shed in the back so dad could have a writing office (his first book comes out this summer!)

Even though their last house was bigger the layout was really odd and it had a teeny tiny kitchen and tiny, tiny family room. So when Emily and I came over with our families, people ended up on the floor.

Ikea kitchen with Ballard lighting.

This is the “carport room”. It has a closet so it counts as another bedroom, but mom and dad use it as a family room since the main family room is tiny.

So, big news: my parents just sold their house!

Yep, these are the MLS photos. The house sold the first day it was on the market with 8-10 offers!

They started to realize that although it’s easier to care for a smaller home, there wasn’t enough space for family to spend the night comfortably and that’s important to my parents. Their siblings all live in other states and all the grandkids still love to spend the night with them even though they are older.

So, they bought a bigger house for their family–and it’s brand new and they are fixing up nothing. I promise to have a tour for you “in a few weeks.”

I’m still amazed at what Mom & Dad accomplished in just two years and it really encourages me in my own house that WE CAN DO THIS. And you can do it too.

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  1. I love it! I am a big fan of before and after photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congrats to your parents on selling so quickly!! That must feel good. :D
    PS I love the reminder to be grateful above the laundry situation… I need that in my house.

  3. How delightful that you shared. AND HOW HAPPY I AM FOR THEM!!! I loved everything and those that bought it? Are blessed – did they buy it furnished? xo

  4. Beautiful home. I see why it sold so quickly. Good luck with their new home.

  5. Thanks for sharing! The kitchen is great. We are scared to pull the trigger on our kitchen. Our closest IKEA is near D.C. (traffic!!), but just took a ride up there to look at their new cabinet line. We really want white, but the newer line of cabinets in white looked and felt kind of cheap and almost plastic-y, if that makes sense. But in your parent’s kitchen, it looks wonderful! Does it all just look better once it’s installed and customized versus hanging there on display in IKEA?

  6. Holy Moly! That’s incredible!

  7. What a great job they did! We’re ready for a small house like that but we have the same situation as your parents- we need room for when out of town family comes to visit.

  8. Anonymous says

    Thank you for posting. It is absolutely beautiful.
    Looks peaceful and bright with those colors. I might have to steal some of those ideas
    Since I’m looking for a house now

  9. Gorgeous! And congrats on them selling so fast!


  10. Wow! Your folks did a great job, that was obviously a labor of love and a ton of work. Would they mind sharing the source for the dining room chandelier?

  11. I love everything about this home re-do! So pretty and cozy. My chin dropped, though, when you said they sold it. After all that work, I would find it difficult to let it go, even if the space is no longer working.. But I am so inspired by your family in that you are teaching me how to not be afraid to let go of the good in order to discover something better. Thanks for sharing all your re-do journeys!

  12. I am the MLS girl behind the photos for your mom and dad and my heart seriously jumped today when I realized you thought the photos were good enough to be on your blog!! That’s now my claim to fame, btw, ha! We’re so excited and thankful to be able to work with them again. We absolutely love your family – y’all are the real deal :)

  13. Yes! Great job with the photos, Starr! We love your sweet family, too. It’s always a pleasure working with you and Brian.

  14. LOL! So good to finally see this, and then to learn they decided they wanted to do something else. What freedom! Can you share the wall paint color?

  15. Beautiful! I’m excited to see the new one too :).

  16. Wow! What a talent and transformation! I learned all I know from my momma too! Congrats to them on their sale and new home! Xoxo Erin

  17. Courtney Moore says

    Oh wow! I love it! so exciting that is sold so quickly! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Christina says

    I am speaking from experience: cleaning up an overgrown yard and yanking up shrubs and weeds is back-breaking work!! The pavers and pathways around the home are so nice!

  19. Just beautiful! It’s no surprise that it sold so quickly. It is perfect. It looks as good as if it was on the show Fixer Upper! Can’t wait to see their new home next!

  20. I love that kitchen! It’s so bright and fresh – no wonder your parents sold their house so quickly.

  21. Thanks for sharing and CONGRATS to your parents for job well done! I had the same question on wall paint color – so thanks for sharing and I will check out the color you suggested!

  22. Wow! Your mom is insanely talented!

  23. Everything turned out beautifully!! And I especially love that your Dad had a place to write his book. Thanks for sharing these.

  24. I feel like I read a book your dad wrote. I guess it was someone else and I’m confused. Anyway, cute house and thankful the kids still want to sleep over at the grandparents! It’s why I’m hesitant to sell this big house where the grands have their own room to downsize for the empty nest. I’m happy for your parents.

  25. Nester,
    Can you share what was used for the bathroom vanities? Looks like IKEA Hemnes, but not sure. What a fantastic renovation!

  26. Beautiful! Do you know where they got the foldable screen seen in the laundry room? I assume it is hiding the water heater. I’ve been looking for one and I love that one. Can’t wait to see the new house.

  27. Oh my gosh — I love this! (also a lot of weird comments/ads in your comment sections). Do you know where they got the settee in the living room that is against the wall? been looking for something just like that! Thanks!

  28. My parents did the same thing with their latest house — bought small thinking it would work better for them and after one Christmas with 6 kids and their spouses and the grandchildren all crammed into 1200 sq. ft. decided that maybe downsizing wasn’t really what they wanted. They now live in the biggest house they’ve ever had, bought primarily because the downstairs living/dining/kitchen was big enough for everyone.

  29. Absolutely beautiful! No wonder it sold in a day!! I was wondering if you possibly knew where the mirror in the dining room is from (looks like four connected flowers).

  30. omg! gorgeous. absolutely stunning

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  32. I hate to admit it, but I do have a house envy lol. I know I’m not supposed to but! We are an empty Nester couple and I am wanting to downsize to a one level house and smaller square footage. I’ve been trying to talk my husband into it for over five years and it’s going nowhere. So as you advised I am simply loving where I’m at. And I do love it but I’m ready for a change, less to clean and the floor plan all on one floor to help with a messed up ankle. Anyway this house would be perfect. It’s beautiful and they did a great job!

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