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Happy Monday!

Aren’t Mondays the best and also worst? Often they come too quickly, and sometimes, because I love my work, I really look forward to Monday. After Sundaying it’s nice to get back into the swing of things.

Long ago I learned a Monday hack that I’ve continued to use.

NEVER schedule anything on a Monday.

No phone conference.

No hair appointments.

No coffee dates.

No course launch.

No ortho appointments for the boys.

No big grocery store shopping.

No thrifting (this is a Friday activity, duh)


As an INTJ/5w4 having an appointment on Monday absolutely ruins my Sunday, but mostly as a human, Monday represents my entire week and I want to jump in a get a few things done the way I need to do them without my schedule being the boss of me. In some ways Monday is the most powerful day when it comes to my work so I want to protect it the best I can.

Mondaying with you,




  1. Yes!!! I agree 100%! Monday’s have become my favorite day of the week. The kids are back in school, hubby is at work, and I can use the day to catch up on everything that didn’t get done over the weekend. I love getting the house back in order, and getting the week of to a calm and relaxing start. If my Monday is busy, the whole week seems to be thrown off. (Aka:chaos!)
    Happy Monday!

  2. Other than having to leave the house at 8am to get the kids to school (which is a bit of an extra shock today after two weeks off), I absolutely love Mondays. It feels like a mini reset. Like New Year’s Day, but mini.

  3. I love the idea of this 100000%, but for those of us with traditional jobs outside the home, Mondays are often my only day off/opportunity for appointments. And yeah it can drag my Sunday down! I say this as I’m rushing out the door to my oldest sons appointment, haha!

  4. Fellow INTJ here. High five, girlfriend! I actually like Mondays, too. It feels good to be productive and get going on the to-do list. Sounds like I’m in good company.

  5. Love this! 100% true!

  6. Okay what’s Intj/5w4?

  7. Oh, man. I never thought NOT to schedule anything on Mondays! Brilliant. I need a quiet Monday to myself and an appointment totally fouls that up for me.


  8. Same with me. The only thing I do on Monday is get it together for the rest of the week. I always get lots done, and I NEVER ruin it any plans.

    Happy Monday to you too!

  9. Rachel McKernan says

    I might need to try this. I’m an INFJ and I always think I need to have the whole week planned out/calendered on Sunday and do all the grocery shopping Monday. What does the 5w4 mean by the way? I loved the Myers Briggs personality test because it helped me understand so much about myself. No trying to morph into other extroverted personality types anynore. This is just how I am! Lol

  10. OMG! I’m an INTJ too! However, I’m the exact opposite! I love scheduling just one thing on Monday, but have it be minor (i.e. a hair appointment but not a meeting with a brand). That way, it tells my brain that it’s time to get to work and start anew!

    xo, Sofia

  11. ISTJ here.
    I love Mondays. My kids are homeschooling so it’s not because they’re back in school, it’s just because I love to escape to work. I go to a coffee shop every day, 6 days a week, from 5-8 to work. I love it! It’s MY time to pursue my passion, to Bullet Journal, to think and plan.

  12. I think I have moved from INFJ to ISFJ over the years. Whatever, the introvert in my likes a quiet start to any day! I work, so I’m off and out the door by 7.15am. Breaky on my own, organise lunches for the one child left at school, gather my things. What I like about Monday’s, though, is that it is my “set up the week” day in my classroom. We get our spelling lists sorted, our homework is sent home, we get a start on Maths. In terms of school days it’s “quiet”. Weekend sharing, regular routine, no specialist classes, we all know what to expect.

  13. Until this year my kids went to a preschool that did not believe in Mondays. Four day school week. It made Mondays a quiet get stuff done at home laundry day where pants were optional. And I loved it.
    We keep that spirit even though our school schedules have changed a bit.

  14. I’m an INTJ, too. Monday is the day to get a grip on the week before it gets a grip on you :)

  15. Monday is the best as well as the worst day for me :( :) It’s best because I start my office with fresh and relaxed mind. I feel bad because of missing the holidays moment. :( However, your post was very nice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Keep it up.

  16. In South Africa, most hairdressers are closed on a Monday :)

    My best day is Tuesday – I feel like I hit my prime then!

  17. I love the idea of easing into the week. I would love to know how you do Fridays? Preparing for the weekend?

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