It’s that magical time of year when your house can smell delicious for free!

A few times a year we get exclusive access to those luscious Mrs. Meyers seasonal kits through Grove Collaborative and the time is nigh.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Here’s what new Grove Collaborative Customers get with their first $20 purchase:

mrs meyers

Already a Grove Customer? You know they always offer a sweet deal to keep you so happy, click here to claim a bubble up for 50% off!

bubble up

This little Bubble Up contraption is so great–what you can’t see in the image is a spring-loaded perforated bottom that you pour soap and water into–when you are ready to scrub some dish, you just bounce that scrub brush up and down a few times and it self loads with soap!

seasonal scents

There are two scents to choose from: Peppermint and Orange Clove and they both smell like Thanksgiving and Christmas all wrapped up into one magical bottle! Yes, they are down to TWO scents now–Iowa Pine has officially sold out!

I know some of you read these Mrs. Meyers Kit posts faithfully three times a year and always wonder if you should try it, if it’s fake (how in the world could this blog or I survive if I promoted a fake thing three times a year?!) or if you will hate Mrs. Meyers.

Guess what, this is the BEST time to try them because 1. Christmas + Thanksgiving Magic people–I don’t know about you but I need some Cozy in a bottle!  It’s gonna sell out fast  they wouldn’t even let us order it until today, and 2. for every new customer during this week, Grove will donate three meals to Feeding America

feeding america

winter scents

In order to get your free kit, simply order $20 worth of household items from Grove (most less expensive than what you can find at your local Target!).

When you click over to Grove, you’ll be asked a few questions and your cart will auto-fill with $20 worth of product as a suggestion.

Of course, you have all the options in the world to add or subtract anything to your cart. My advice, go ahead and order a bunch of extra Orange Clove hand soap to give to neighbors and teachers–they will LOVE you! Ends tonight!

click here

*Please note that Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska

*I’m thrilled to partner with Grove as an affiliate