Dear Internet, I had you all wrong


Ten years ago I was afraid of you, Internet. I was sure you were full of people who meant to do me harm. People like Unibombers, kidnappers, scammers and weirdos.

I was so wrong, Internet,

Today I want to take a moment and thank the you for all of the good things you have brought me.


Thanks to the Internet I found a community of women who I connect with not only in spite of my imperfections, but often because of them. This alone leaves me almost speechless.


Thanks to the Internet I’ve made dear, life-long friends who come to my actual house, who I take actual trips with, whose kids names I know.

Thanks to the internet I got connected with Compassion International and traveled to Uganda and Tanzania and had the pleasure of sponsoring four different young men through the years.


Thanks to the internet we were able to buy our fixer upper out in the country.

Thanks to the internet, my husband was able to quit a job he didn’t love and he’s the caretaker and in many ways the “Pastor” of our property. He’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert, hosting people at our home is what we do best together.


Thanks to the internet I was able to write a book. After writing for five years on the blog, the right people found me, I know I never would have pursued a book on my own.

Thanks to the internet, I found something I love to do, in the way I want to do it that fits my unique personality and creative style. I love that I can wake up at 5am and start work in my yoga pants.


Thanks to the Internet, I started an instagram account on a whim and now it’s one of my favorite ways to connect with people all over the world. It’s so crazy!

And thanks to the internet, this past weekend we hosted an event we’ve only dreamed of. The Nest Fest. I’ll tell you more about it once I get my photos from our photographer, but for now, thank you.

the nest festphotos from #thenestfest on instagram

Lastly, thanks to the Internet I have my introverted dream job–I get to help people with their home from the comfort of mine. I get to be here when my boys get home from school. Who would have ever thought that was possible? I still cannot believe that this is what I get to do!


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Thanks Internet!

*all the prints pictured can be found at Amen Paper Company





  1. Totally verklempt reading this. YES AND AMEN AND THANK YOU INTERNET!

  2. Beautiful post!! When I saw Eph 3:20 I got goose bumps. I had a friend going through a difficult time in her marriage. While washing dishes the Lord pressed upon me that I needed to write her a note. I closed the note with that verse. I placed it on her desk and she came to me with tears flowing. Her friend suggested she claim a verse. That verse was the last verse she read before going to sleep. I am so happy to say15 yrs later her marriages has healed. I always will be humbled by that verse and rejoice with thanksgiving for my friend each time I read it.

  3. Do you think this would be appropriate for someone (like me) who wants to start a blog and has absolutely NO IDEA of how to go about it? So many initial decisions to make like wordpress vs. blogger, self hosted or free that I got completely overwhelmed in step 2. Or might you have a recommendation for me -who wants to dip their toe in the blogging world?

  4. YES. YES. YES….thank you, Internet!!! A construction crew recently sliced through internet cables in our area, and my workplace was without any service for 1 1/2 days—it was as if we were paralyzed. It reminded me of the days BEFORE internet/computers. “You don’t know the worth of water until the well runs dry”.
    P.S. I have most of the same Amen Paper prints that you have….and recently received my Advent cards…LOVE looking around my home and seeing Scripture that inspires me. Thanks for the post.

  5. I love how you turned the internet into something positive in your piece.

  6. Enjoyed our visit to your event this weekend! What a beautiful day!!
    I tried to get more info about your Bloggers tool Kit offer, but the link didn’t work.

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  8. ….bless you sweetie…there is nothing more perfectly beautiful than a grateful heart…blessings…laney

  9. Thank YOU for opening your home/property to all of us. It was such a fun day.

    Thank YOU for allowing us to be your safe place to enjoy live music.

    Thank YOU for smelling so good at Nest Fest! Sadly, Edie doesn’t remember the oils combination. Girl, keep wearing it.

  10. I am also afraid of the internet that 5 years ago I found it is a beautiful place. Lots of information on the internet and in your website. Thank you for sharing your article.

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