When You Don’t Know Where to Start in a Space

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For years I collected pretty things (mostly bargain bought) and set them around, but ignored how our family truly used our home and how I needed our home to serve us both in form and function.

When a room felt off or unfinished, I’d put a band-aid on in the shape of a new $20 disposable pillow. You know, the kind that you have to beg your family not to actually use because it would be flat within a week?

I employed tons of temporary fixes that helped divert attention for a moment, but two years and 15 cheap pillows later, I’d still be living in a home where the rooms felt unfinished, and I’d spent $300 on pillows and trinkets that should have gone towards a new rug.

I was sabotaging myself because I didn’t know where to start. And I didn’t feel confident on where to invest the limited home budget we had. My husband encouraged me to make our house into a comfy, pretty home, but I felt lost and overwhelmed when it came to actually making real decisions.

cozy minimalist

Over time, with much trial and error, wrong paint colors and returning of rugs, I learned exactly how to approach every space in my house using just the right amount of the kinds of furniture and accessories that fit my style.

I finally fell in love with my home.

Then I created a course and led others through the same process–thousands of you have fallen in love with your home because you have taken the Cozy Minimalist Design class, and enrollment is now open for the next week!

get cozy

Moving 14 times in 20 years of marriage was both a blessing and a curse.

One of the good things that came out of moving so often, was that I stumbled onto a formula for setting up house quickly, creating rooms that worked for us in whatever stage of life we were in, incorporating mostly things we already had and taking note on what we truly needed to purchase to make the new place work.

In the four-week Cozy Minimalist Decorating Course I walk you though every step you need to take, in the correct order (soooo important) to complete a room-from start to finish in your home. It’s a simple process that you’ll be able to apply to every room of your house!

cozy minimalist


Are you ready to join us and finally get your home looking the way you’ve always dreamed?

We are opening the doors to the Cozy Minimalist Design Class for the next week only. This is only the second time this year I’m opening this course, we won’t be doing this again until 2017.

You’ll have unlimited access to the four one hour video sessions, where I talk you though the process and share hundreds of motivating, teaching slides. The course is designed to last four weeks–but you could cover everything in four days if you are crazy motivated, it’s totally up to you.

cozy minimalist

You’ll choose one room of your house to focus on, and by the end of the course, you’ll have a room you can be proud of. People will notice, your family will comment on the wonderful changes, and you’ll have new confidence to turn every room in your house into a room you adore.

I’ll talk you though every step of process, where to start, how to make design decisions and in what order, how to work in things you already have, choosing focal points, signature pieces, drapes, furniture placement, rugs, wall art, paint and so much more.

Whether you are renting, owning, moving in a year, or if you have lived in your home forever, this course is for you. You’ll finally be confident of the changes you need to make the best decisions for your home, in your particular season with your family’s needs in mind.

And, as a HUGE bonus, everyone who enrolls in the Cozy Minimalist Decorating course is invited to join a private facebook page where you can share progress of the room you are working on, be encouraged and ask questions! This is the BEST part! (insert too many dancing emojis here)

cozy facebook

I’ll be doing a weekly facebook live video in our private facebook page where I’ll answer questions and offer lots of encouragement too.

This is pretty much my favorite thing ever. Normally, this is an upgrade but this time, we are opening it up to everyone in the course–and guess what, if you’ve taken the course in the past but never joined the facebook group, look for an email from us in the next few days to invite you to join us.

how to decorate find your style

Let’s create the home you’ve always wanted, starting with what you already have.

It’s time to get Cozy.

And don’t be afraid that it’s called Cozy Minimalist. It’s just the responsible way to get whatever style it is that you are after–isn’t it better to use just the right amount of stuff–not too much, not too little, no counting possessions here!

cozy minimalistjust some of the topics we cover in the course

This is not a course on how to make your house look like mine, it’s how to make your house look the way you’ve always dreamed YOURS would look. Amen.

  • If your space has felt “off” but you can’t figure out what’s wrong…
  • If you are constantly taking quizzes on how to “find your style” but still unsure of how you want your home to look…
  • If you can’t decide where to start when it comes to decorating a room…
  • If you have a decorating budget, but it feels terrifying to make that first decision…
  • If you have close to no budget but you want to do better with what you have…
  • If you are constantly making excuses and apologizing for your home…
  • If you need guidance on furniture placement, rug sizes, coordinating patterns, where to put the TV, focal points, where to buy and how to hang drapes, how, where and why to hang wall art that makes sense, and simply how to turn a frustrating space into a space you can finally truly love…
  • If you just want to get your home looking the way you want it so you can stop thinking about it already, come on over, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

get cozy

I’ll see you there!

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  1. I paid for this what, a year ago??? I’ve never done the class! Entering my busiest season of the year so it won’t happen now. But when? I have to, want to do it!

    • YES you MUST!!!
      I promise you’ll be SO glad you did, Kristin–and if you are driving, for you, you could almost just play it on your phone like a podcast, you’d miss the images, but you would still learn, since you’ve had it for so long and yet to watch it, I bet you’d get a lot just out of that–it’s chatty style anyway, Megan and I talk through stuff together!

    • Kristin! I’m in the exact same boat! I was reading the post and thought, “didn’t I already purchase this?!” Sure enough, there was the login info in my inbox. Looking forward to digging in!

  2. Can I take this if I have zero design sense? Like ZERO…..

  3. I would like to gift the course to my sister for Christmas, would she still be able to join the Facebook page if I had all registration stuff sent to me? Also, would she miss out on the Facebook part of it if I didn’t actually gift it to her until Christmas?

    • Hi Rebecca, that’s so kind of you to want to gift it! You can purchase it and then once you do, reply to the email –or email support and ask them to change the login to your sister’s name and email.

      As far as the facebook part, it’s just an extra bonus, all the teachings are complete in the course–she would miss out on the group aspect of doing it together in October, but she could still join the facebook page and hang out in there–it’s usually still active for awhile even after we finish going through the four weeks together.

  4. I feel like I need to take this course this year! We are about to move into a “new” to us house with our 3 little boys, and we are literally DOUBLING our space! BUT I HATE stuff! Obviously, I need to ease into it a little bit…

  5. Hi! I registered for this course but was wondering how to access it? I can’t wait to get started!

  6. I am SO excited about the facebook group! I bought this in May and have been watching the videos and I am ready to do something about this house! Thank you for an awesome course and for including those of us who have bought it in the past!!! You rock!

  7. I asked this in the Facebook group but didn’t get an answer: I purchased the self-study course this past spring. Will it have the same content as the course everyone else will be doing from next week? I’d like to participate at the same time, but I wasn’t sure if our content would line up. I also didn’t want to buy the current course if it’s the same as what I already have. Thank you!

  8. I purchased the course in January 2016, but it was self-led with no Facebook group. Bummer! I see that you are offering the Facebook group this time around. Will that apply to past registrants? If not, can we pay extra to “top up” our original course fee to be in the Facebook group? Thanks!

    • I got the self-study course this past spring, and I got an e-mail a few days ago with the link to the Facebook group. It was a closed group, but when I asked to join I was allowed in just a few minutes later. Have you checked your e-mail for the link to the FB group? Just click “join” when you get there.

      • I didn’t get an email. :(
        But I just searched on Facebook and found the closed group. I wonder if I click ‘join’ if I’ll be approved….worth a shot I guess! :)

  9. Is the general cozy minimalist course still availabl? Or is it just the seasonal courses? I’d love to purchase the overall course and then the seasonal courses!

    Thank you!

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